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Gay Pride Marchers brutally attack and beat two Christian preachers

Ah yes the open minded gay community, unless your not gay.

It's all about agenda -

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Same old, same old... Irony

Oh the irony, as I thought "gay" was derived from the french "gai" which literally means "cheerful"...

I guess I can claim being persecuted too, for not being able to find the stinkiest cheeses I love eating (even, while in the bedroom - sinner me!) and for more protection from dear government for the group I have the "pride" to belong to.

Ha! And watch out!

Don't you dare making fun of me and this habit, you intolerant dull industrial cheddar eaters!

Or else! I'll beat you up (or, okay, will try to, anyway...) Dang, I should start with my family, they're the first to complain sometimes after opening the fridge after I did the groceries...


See how that works?

I have another suggestion, though, for both religious and non religious people, for both heteros and homos: and how about forgetting about our "groups" for a minute and telling that dear government policy-making, rent-seeking, full of moral diseases, sweat sucking tart:

"please go copulate with yourself, instead of doing it over our lives"


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Freedom of Speech guys

Freedom of Speech guys lol..... You know.. the thing we always talk about on here..

I personally think the 2 men in the video are your everyday bible thumpers, but to say that they deserved it is being majorly hypocritical. It's their right to be there just as much as it is the gay rights activists.

Sounds like cause and effect

Sounds like cause and effect to me. Maybe some of the less restrained people in the crowd finally got fed up at these sick, delusional psychopaths threatening them with torture and imprisonment at the hands of their cosmic overlord? Maybe people should mind their own business and stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives? When you scream hate at crowds of people long enough, sooner or later something like this will happen.

Two things -

First of all - really? So now words can be used as a justification for a beating?

Second - while it often comes across as a "threat," saying "you're going to Hell if you don't repent" is no more a threat than saying "you're going to get hit by a train if you don't get off the tracks." According to Christian doctrine, "going to Hell" is not an active punishment, but rather an inevitability that God offers an escape from. Just a clarification - no bad on your part in that regard, it's a very common misconception, understandably so with the lack of tact that many Christians (especially fire-and-brimstone preachers) suffer from.

Although I agree with every

Although I agree with every single thing you just said... Are you really excusing the physical beating because of words spoken??

A Libertarian friend of mine

Had a good point. Marriage should be about love, not about tax breaks.

It's not so much "oh, lookie, the gays are violent"

It's a study in individual reactions to mob mentality. These street preachers would come to my college and tell people they were all sinning. The crowd would mostly be making a joke of it, some trying to teach the preachers about grace, and some getting baited, but being mostly restrained by the non-violent example of the crowd and the crowd's defending body language if the baited started getting more out of hand. That's just statistics, every crowd will have someone more prone to violence. And when the crowd gets more aggressive, those people will take it as an excuse.

Defend Liberty!

Gay Marriage is NOT important!

NSA spying is!
The Snowden situation IS!
The clear government influence over the media IS.
Our rights are being stripped away while we watch the news gloss over what's important.

The Zimmerman trial should NOT be national news, and it wouldn't be if they were both black or white.
The government has no interest in things that don't divide us.

If you really think gay marriage is a front burner issue, you should work in your state to get civil marriage banned for everyone! Good luck.

Gay marriage may not be the issue--but our dying freedom

of speech is. The 'gay issue' is being used to shut down 1st amendment activity and also destroy the family--both being necessary for a totalitarian police state.

Christians should not be warmongers!

How are gays destroying

your family?
I know you're thinking everyone was waiting for the supreme court ruling to run around and be gay. Sorry it isn't happening.

The government is stifling 1st amendment rights, not gays.
Gays don't have that power.
Take your frustrations out on the right offender.

Gays don't realize yet how they're being used but I'm thinking they will realize it soon.

I know you think gay is wrong but you can't regulate personal behavior.
Ending civil marriage would accomplish a lot here.

Gays aren't destroying my family. The family as a sovereign

unit is being destroyed on many fronts.

Christians should not be warmongers!

i know people are gonna go all emo on this one

But i just couldn't help laughing the whole time.

I thought it was hilarious. Does that make me a bad person?

I don't hate gays or street preachers. I just think gays are mis-guided in their political goals (as in accepting that gov has a say who can and can't get gov kick backs to further starve the middle class. How about no gov kick backs to anyone OR gov kick back to EVERYONE including single people.) and that street preachers are misguided in their religious goals.


your = possessive
you're = you are
yore = the olden days

How many times do I have to post this? Usually, I'm not much of a 'grammar nazi', but when I see so many of the members on this website, a website that often prides itself on the collective knowledge of its member base fucking up basic English, I have to wonder just how 'dumbed down' people have truly become.

Speaking of dumb, will DPers please stop giving MSM sites hits? It only encourages them.

A signature used to be here!

Acts of Translation

Some are image oriented, some are text oriented and some are action oriented.

Failures in translation are common. To those that are image oriented they can't see thewhat the words are, but listen to how they sound.

The solution is to chase away those who fail. They lurk and their valuable insights are lost.

Since context often allows proper translation to a competent reader, what's the problem?

Free includes debt-free!

You make a fair point, however

the problem isn't with context, it's with presentation.

Fairly or not, any written argument can and will be attacked on the basis of having poor grammar, spelling and structure...especially if there isn't much else to attack. Beyond that, it perpetuates an error, and why do that when it can easily be avoided?

I understand that language evolves over time, but it's getting to the point where the average American seems to barely have a grasp on their own 'native' language.*

*This is more of a general statement, not singling out the topic starter.

A signature used to be here!

you lyer. It was a STRAIGHT MALE FELON that did the attack

you people and your hate make me sick.

It was a person propagandized

It was a person propagandized by Marxist, forced equality, punish thought-crime ideology.

Individual sexual orientation is a non-issue. The demented mindset that insists everyone accept gayness as a norm, or else, is the problem.

If you say 'hate' loud enough, long enough, and often enough

maybe the people will believe you. :)

Christians should not be warmongers!

um...the OP never claimed it

um...the OP never claimed it was a gay person who attacked the preachers, your own hatred is showing, does that make you sick as well?

First of all

It's spelled Liar, second the video speaks for itself.

I think the hate came from the gays in the video, but denial is your choice.

Gays can do no wrong.

brutally attacked and beat?

not really. and all i saw was one street preacher get "beat" off the man he had pinned to the ground. they should not have destroyed his hate sign but shit happens. looked like a few punches were thrown and the man that was pinned on the ground offered up some weak ass kicks.

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Ah yes the fallacy of composition

It's all about your agenda.