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Joe Miller tweets that Alaska GOP State Party Secretary just resigned

Joe Miller just tweeted that Republican elected to the be the Secretary of the Alaskan GOP just RESIGNED.
Here's part of her resignation letter:
"Looking back at the past year, I have not only been blocked from contributing the expertise I promised the Delegates at the State Convention (32:25), but I have also found myself serving alongside fewer and fewer properly elected officers.

A Party that claims fealty to constitutional, self-government must have leadership that is concerned with the integrity of the political process, and willing to serve a common set of rules and principles. The rules and platform of a Party are the guidelines on how the leadership of a Party is to represent and serve the members. If you are currently in a leadership position, and not interested in serving Alaskans within those parameters, you may soon find yourself standing alone.

Thankfully, the responsibility of maintaining integrity in our political process doesn’t just fall to leadership, but to all Alaskans. Our strength is in our numbers, and together we have the strength to restore our representative, republican system – with or without the blessing of those occupying leadership roles. It is not a State Chairman or a State Executive Committee that determines the values and policies of the Republican Party within Alaska. It is Alaska Republicans that dictate the direction of our Party.

Therefore, I am calling on all Alaska Republicans to restore the representative, republican nature that should guide our Party, and organize under the Founding values that we share. How this is done I will leave to you.

In closing, here is my official statement:

I was elected to the office of Secretary in order to serve Alaska Republicans, safe guard the representative process and promote republican principles. The organization currently known as the Alaska Republican Party does not serve these interests, and I refuse to cooperate with those who abuse volunteers, violate the trust of voters, accept donations from unions and seek influence through intimidation and coercion. Therefore, I will continue to serve the trust given to me by Alaska Republicans, and disavow this organization. Thank you.

Constitutionally yours,
Alicé Leuchte

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It's tough to read this, but...

It's tough to read this, but it's great to see someone stand by their principles and call out corruption when it is evident.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Stay strong and keep your eye

Stay strong and keep your eye on the prize.. Do you actually still think we can vote ourselves free after everything we have witnessed??? I know some here still think they can, but the faster you move away from the corrupt systems of government, the quicker we become free.

This is tragic... All our

This is tragic...

All our gains in the GOP from Chairman to Vice Chairman and now Secretary are slowly being lost.

: (

We need Joe Miller in the Senate to give Rand company. It's going to get harder to achieve that.

Good on you Alice

A criminal organization isn't the best place to advance liberty. Look at the acrobatics Rand has to attempt to advance a cause I still believe is more committed to than not.


Liberty = Responsibility