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Let's have a public poll as to whether Clapper and Alexander should be prosecuted and jailed for perjury

(There is public polling & propaganda going around as to whether Snowden should be prosecuted for leaking.)


I can supply the background information as to the circumstances in each case, so that people can vote from an informed position.

Clapper has already admitted lying in his squirming apology letter to the Senate.

Keith Alexander has lied in at least 15 instances under oath to Congress.
The maximum term for each count of perjury is 5 years apiece.

Clapper (and Feinstein) caught lying big time

Keith Alexander lies 14 times under oath to Hank Johnson

The 11 lies and 1 truth told at the recent NSA "hearing" on June 18th

And for good measure - Keith Alexander blatantly lied about 911

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Amen to that...

and lets not stop there.

Let's hold accountable all members of congress, the courts, and the obummer administration that knew of these gross violations of the "law of the land" the U.S. Constitution.

Anyone that has violated their oath needs to be held accountable.

This is NOT alright.

Additionally, it should be made public all corporations (contractors) that carry out the actual violations...they are guilty of breaking the law as well.

And follow the money...it's leads everywhere.