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Grooveshark vs. Pandora? What do you listen to?

Iv been using Groove shark lately its pretty legit when i get tire of my music selection. What are alternatives to Pandora?

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Spotify all the way

I love Spotify. I use the pay service (~9/mth) so I can use the service on my smartphone, but if you only use it from your computer, it is free. I can choose just about any album or song to add to my playlists so its like having my own collection. I enjoy really obscure punk stuff and I can find almost all of it with Spotify.

A feature I recently started using is the self-created radio stations based on artist or a particular song. When you give a song a thumbs up, it gets added to a playlist, as well, so you create a new playlist without much effort.

Previously, I converted 3000+ CDs to digital format. That took me a lot of time and 300+ gigs of storage space (plus backups in case something happened). Spotify is totally legit, so convenient, great catalog to choose from, and the mobile app keeps getting better.

I still use Pandora occasionally, but it doesn't offer nearly as much control over and I have found that the catalog is very limited.

I don't know much about Grooveshark; I'll have to check it out.


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