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Angry Protesters Rally Over Dog Killed by Hawthorne Police

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I see the dog as a Patriot.

I see the dog as a Patriot. His human companion was being illegally kidnapped by the state and the dog paid the ultimate price trying to defend his liberty. I am glad this went viral, this is the best way to defend against police brutality. I am not supporting the death threats but if police offices know there actions are going to be filmed and have a severe public backlash they may think twice about being so brash with their weapons.

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maybe the media should tell you the cops had no probable cause

but they didn't, instead they talked about fake threats and victimized the police .. meh, it's expected

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People were upset because cop was coward with gun

Sue the department for destruction of personal property. Trial by jury. Let them decide.

Free includes debt-free!

~ Rosby had an ax to grind with po po.

~ His irresponsible actions put Max in jeopardy.

~ He is responsible for Max getting shot. Period.

~ Rosby should get arrested for extortion.

~ All he wants is a cash settlement form the city.

~ It makes me sick seeing Max get shot and killed just so Rosby could "star" in a YT episode.

~ Juvy-ass..

Those officers had no common sense

Those officers put themselves in that bad situation. First they arrest a man for obstructing an investigation they aren't conducting instead of citing him playing his music too loud. Then when the man offers no resistance they both focus 100% of their attention of him instead of a huge dog that is going nuts. After the dog gets out one of the officers forces the issue with the dog by trying to grab it.

-They should of handed out the correct punishment for the correct offence.

-They should of been aware of their surroundings

-They should of used time are their friend instead of reaching for a dog trying to protect its owner.

Beyond that those guys are douche bags too. They are going to arrest a man on a petty charge while his dog is stuck in his vehicle with all the windows rolled down. Is either going to still be there when he gets done bailing out? At only takes a small amount of professionalism to walk the man back to his car and let him roll his windows up so only a crack is open. Give him a chance to call someone to get his dog too.

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We should know & the cops should too: it's not OK too shoot dogs

We should know, and the cops should too:

it's not okay too shoot dogs dead.

It's perfectly okay to kill innocent children and women with drones overseas for the sake of "national security" or "american interests", though.

It is PERFECTLY okay, isn't that right, Mr. Graham? Right, Mr. McCain? Right, King ObaMARX?

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hey...there goes those heroes again

"platoonleader". Whatta ya think?

Apparently Anons have been attacking City of Hawthorne's servers

all weekend long!

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