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They Keep Egging Us On, Let's Make Omelettes

Symbolism is very important.

An egg can be more symbolically powerful than a rifle or gun when it comes to politics.

I have an idea that involves peaceful resistance and civil disobedience. Warning: You will probably get arrested if you are not with a whole bunch of people doing the same thing.

Rather than marching in the streets with guns, why not "attack," our enemies with...eggs? Yes, eggs.

The Tree of Liberty must be watered with yolks and a sack, not blood.

It would be nice to see Nancy Pelosi gently hit in the face with a soft banana cream pie, but trying to conceal a banana cream pie isn't easy.

Let's make an omelette out of Washington, D.C. and our local police departments that don't know how to respect the American people or the US Constitution.

Imagine if the people in Miami got together and a threw some 40,000 eggs at the police department responsible for arresting an ice cream vendor? That would get a lot of media attention, in a good, positive way.

Dropping an egg on a crooked politicians bald head would go viral...

This idea could go viral, I hope it does.

Eggs are better than guns to make a point if you're going to use them.

"The Eggers"

The mass egging of an IRS building would be very symbolic, non violent, and would be quite fun. I think the American people would respect that more - and pay attention to it more than crashing a plane into a government agency building.

A comedic idea? Our government leaders are like a bad yolk.

I think it is literally time for American citizens to start openly carrying and throwing eggs at the criminals.

Don't aim for their faces, the egg is already on them.

The yolk is on you, Obama.