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Is America Already In A Deep DEPRESSION?: Only 47% of Adults Have Full -Time Job

Is America Already In A Deep DEPRESSION?: Only 47% of Adults Have Full -Time Job

by MIKE FLYNN | 5 Jul 2013

The release of the June Jobs' Report Friday was something of a relief for the markets. The Labor Department reported that the economy gained 195,000 jobs in June, which beat economists' expectations. The Department also reported that the economy gained 70,000 more jobs in April and May than it originally estimated. The report, however, also provides clear evidence that the the nation is splitting into two; only 47% of Americans have a full-time job and those who don't are finding it increasingly out of reach.

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I gave up on finding a full-time job.

Looking was a full-time, unpaid job and for the chance to have a job that might go overseas in a few months and have to start over? Putting the kids in childcare, gas money, etc. I'm not saying the expenses wouldn't work out to put us ahead financially, but the exhaustion and early grave aren't worth what amount it would put us ahead. I put the effort that would go into finding a job into cooking healthy meals and making this home work out more frugally. Again, not because a full-time job wouldn't work out financially, but because spending so much time looking for one means I can't make this home work out frugally enough to survive on one paycheck.

Defend Liberty!

who would want to work full time?

be thankful!

I don't

have a job and I look every single damn day!!

And college basically robbed me.

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This is part of the plan.

This is part of the plan.

Step 1 - demoralize, subvert the people, get it rotting as well

Step 2 - destroy the fairness in economy, deny the free markets, kill employment

Step 3 (can be done in parallel with #2) create crises, domestic and abroad; invent enemies - train them, fund them, like before and after 9/11, and on; promise safety from the state to "resolve" the issues; pervert the laws accordingly

Step 4 - take over the people; become supreme ruler

(Step 5 - rub your bloody hands with a big smile for screwing them all)

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Government numbers are never correct

The jobs report figures are based on a survey of 500,000 companies and 6,000 households. It's pretty much meaningless.

Don't forget also, that a whole lot of people work for small businesses and for themselves and don't get counted in this figure.

How depressing!

Especially in a culture in which most households are dual-income households.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

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The dual-income households are part of the problem (symptom)

The bankers created women's lib, then convinced women that they really should work, instead of raising families.

So the depressing part is initially that women are forced to work, in order to repay the loans from the international bankers.

It's even more depressing to learn that their end game has arrived, and they're putting half of us on the dole temporarily, and will then remove the dole and blame the 49% -- ending up in a scene like the latest Batman movie, definitely not justice, I thought as I watched it -- the people at fault are not the people succeeding within this grotesque system.

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You are so right on!!!

If you look a chart of the participation rate, it took off exactly as the women's lib movement came to the fore. What that did was weaken the earning ability of the family provider, and has now caused one working spouse to pay for nothing but the taxes; nothing gained.

Undo what Wilson did

This is the third Great Depression when priced in gold


We rose higher and fell further than ever before.


I'm not seeing a 2-4% growth reported by government.

Free includes debt-free!