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Muslim Brotherhood claims the new Egyptian president is Jewish

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Lol. Nice try.

And I'm just tired of everyone blaming cancer on cigarettes. Stop the labeling. There are many things that cause cancer. So light up, everyone!

Was Hitler

A Zionist? Did you agree what he did?

Calling for return to indefensable '67 borders

is lock step with the Israeli's agenda???

Obama is a Muslim... and every conservative American knows it.

Indonesia... Barack Hussein Obama... He even admitted it "...my Muslim Faith..."

Who do you think you are kidding?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I apologize. You're right.

At first I thought it was ACTIONS that defined a man. Like the 70 billion Obama gave Israel for iron dome. Or the thousands of American soldiers he continues to send to their deaths in these wars for Israel or the aid to Israel that continues and has increased on his watch or his refusal to investigate into the "conspiracy theories" that point to mossad's involvement into the murder of 3000 Americans on 911.

But you've reminded me it's not about actions. Silly me. It's about WORDS. Especially words flippantly thrown out once in a speech and then quickly retracted that coincidentally and conveniently gave Arab-haters like yourself something to point at and say, "Hey look everyone, America is not Israel's bitch. See! See!" And you've wasted no time utilizing that gem here have you? Yes let's focus on those words, shall we? I understand those words are so magical that Palestinians now play a recording of those words every time Israel showers them with white phosphorous, thereby turning it into jelly beans. Amazing stuff indeed those words.

Let's have a little lookie to remind ourselves how anti Israel Obama is.


Why do you hate Arabs so much? Why do you love when Americans die for Israel? Why do you want the money Americans earn to take care of their families stolen from them and handed to a terrorist state that murders brown kids?

Oh, but tiny little war-torn Israel is?

I guess the Jews orchestrated the Nazi holocaust, too, since they run everything?

Or that just never happened, and the Holocaust was a complete and total farce...So the Jews could magically bring forth the all-powerful, all-encompassing State of Israel!???

How does that fit in with the NWO & UN...? and the fact the UN has been consistently ANTI-ISRAEL and relatively pro-Palestine?

The USA has also served to control Israel, as their proxy in the East?

Is this all part of the plan?! Yes.

But not "the JEWS" plans. Israel is being used by the world's elite however to create conflict, which generates wealth for the global MIC. Do they have partners in Israel?! Of course! They have partners EVERYWHERE!!! But it does not serve the nation of Israel or the Jewish people...

It serves the NWO...

But go ahead, blame Israel... that's what is fueling the conflict... gotta kill those damn Jews right??... Your people are being played like everyone else and are blowing themselves up for the Profit of the Global Elite... and the Global Elite have no god but Satan...

If you know the Bible, those who curse Israel lose.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


See other responses. I can't respond to all of your posts.



The Rothschilds are Zionists who also happen to be Jewish.

Zionism = believing Israel has right to exist

Do you think you have the right to exist? You should.

I am a Zionist. BOO!!! Did I scare you?

Does this mean I always side with Israeli government and all their policies? Of course not. Not anymore than me being a proud patriotic American means I side with everything our government does, because I don't. Not even close. But I support Israel existing...

There are lots of Muslim Nations. There are even Christian nations. Many argue and I am one of them that America is a Christian nation.

There is only one , very small, Jewish nation. Israel. And by the way it's one of the oldest nations on earth. The Torah and Israel are over 5000+ years old. The origins of ancient Judaism are untraceable, unknown. For all we know the origins of the Torah and Judaism are truly divine. Hence, the Abrahamic religions.
Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), was a Jewish Rabbi.
Show a little respect.

Islam is only roughly 1500 years old. Well in the bounds of known, recorded history of man. Islam is not divine, it's man-made, provably. And the Quran, makes no mention of Palestine of Israel, or Jerusalem, which they now claim is an sacred city to them. The Bible mentions Israel & Jerusalem hundreds of times and specifically, accurately describes it's borders.

As for the Rothschilds...
The Rothschilds are phony-Jews, Task-Masters, Cabalistic Satanists, engaging in dark magic from an ancient relic of the old pre-Judaic religions... It's essentially the dark side of the Craft, Masonry, which dates back to (and before) Hiram Abiff and King Solomon's Temple... There's a lot going on, try to keep up... and check your collectivism at the door... Or trust the Rothschilds word for it... Yeah, they're real G-d fearing Jews alright, sure.

"For the sake of the Remnant shall my people be Blessed"

"Those who bless Israel I will Bless, and those who curse Israel I will Curse."

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Today's Catholic Mass reading

I think you'll LOVE it, I did http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/070713.cfm



Zionism = Believing your nation has the right to steal the earnings of other nations and mass murder your "allies" via false flags to have their soldiers die fighting your battles because you believe others DO NOT have the right to exist.

"There are lots of Muslim Nations...There is only one, very small, Jewish nation. Israel."

Haha. What is this a contest? Are we distributing pizza here? Oh sorry. In that case murdering innocent children and hijacking other governments and stealing their money and soldiers to fight your battles is cool by me. How many nations are there for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I'm calling dibs on Mexico. Look out Amigos. We have "the right to exist."

"The Torah and Israel are over 5000+ years old."

Wow. I step out of the lunch line for 5 seconds and I lose my spot. Israel steps out for 1000s of years but still's got dibs. Impressive. Somebody sure likes themselves.

I agree with you on

I agree with you on everything except that Israel has the right to exist.

There were originally two separate nations - Israel and Judea. Arabs and Jews co-existed very nicely for thousands of years. It was only after the United Nations granted Israel statehood that the current conflict began in 1948.

From my point of view, the United Nations never had the authority, but then the whole thing was predestined by the Balfour Declaration, wasn't it?

The existence of the state of Israel doesn't give the Zionist government the right to exterminate the Palestinians. It doesn't give the Zionist government the right to sterilize African Jews before deporting them (http://nftu.net/israeli-government-admits-sterilizing-ethiop...).

Hey you!

Good to see you. Thanks for the interesting tidbit. The Israeli government also used to give Sephardim children lethal doses of radiation, to their heads, under the guise of 'ring worm control'.

Come back and see us more often.
☺...and a neener neener poo poo.

Good to 'see' you too, though

Good to 'see' you too, though you can kind of understand why I don't hang out much here anymore. Still trolls lurking about.

Want a definition of blowback? Here's a revelation - http://jfjfp.com/?p=41012


Great link. I had been trying to argue this point with the Granger forever, but had no source. Thanks. I went to Israel and it was off-the-charts racist from my vantage point.

This is always a hot topic here. I am sensitive to it because I am sick and tired of being robbed from to have that money defend, promote, and assist Israel over the US. It is especially bothersome with the racist, militaristic, and genocidal policies of Israel.

I've seen it

They are called alabi Jews, and they are for a UN NWO. They worked hard and succeeded in privatizing the Kibbutz system in Israel, and it's not just Israel they don't want to have rights to exist, but that goes for the USA too.. they want a UN NWO (most are Americasn BTW who grew up in LIBERAL =SOCIALIST homes and schools).

You are being robbed by the same UN NWO Agendists in America, not Israel.

Look at this video https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/bja/210678.pdf
And you might fond this interesting http://chelm.freeyellow.com/libertarianproblem.html

You have to keep grasping at that 'UN NWO' bs

because your allegiance to Israel has no other defense. There are not only two choices: wanting a 'UN NWO' or loving Israel. I hate supporting Israel I don't like the idea of the nation-state, and I definitely do not want a one World government. Israel, btw, would love a NWO, as long as they are the vanguard party. That is exactly what that State's agenda is. Have you not noticed their agenda of controlling the US, who is/was the so-called leader of the free World? Your arguments on this subject defy all evidence. Using ad-hominem attacks based on your lack of evidence is doubly offensive.

Now quit bashing Cirocco! She has a right to not like Israel and come here and post without you calling her names!! Do you wonder why new people don't stay? If you want anyone to have a different view of Israel, than get some facts and evidence. Your blind allegiance is definitely not helping your cause.

Incorrect Your racist crap stinks.

My LOVE for Israel was NOT born of my opposition to a UN NWO, but for the amazing advances Israel is creating and establishing for the world in science, technology, engineering, the arts, agriculture and military expertise in weapons and tactics.

I have not noticed any Israeli agenda for controlling the USA BY Israel (but definately from conspiracy theiory whackos).

Israel focuses on Israel, and only because Israel is SUPERIOR in the above mentioned areas, do nations such as ours, desperatly seek intelligence and work ethics which enables Israel to thrive, while Americans seek ways to get MORE government help because they don't have a work ethic to save themselves, have become dependent on prison industrial complexes, and Communist China's products to SUSTAIN them in poverty.

Don't tell me who to bash or not. You're not my police. She has a right to not like Israel and I have a right to LOVE Israel and set her self hatered free. You just love the fact that she's a self hating Jew,, makes you feel good to think "Oh I can hate Jews with impunity".

For someone who claims they don't want to fight me.. you would be wise to not tell me what to do.. I THINK and ACT for myself, and don't need some self acting DP police to tell me how to act.

Why not go to nightly jam session and chill out.. rest your weary and racist mind?

I was there in 76 earning

I was there in 76 earning college credit and found the situation just as offensive.

There's a clip on YouTube of a Jewish teenager from America getting bullied and arrested by Israeli military police, but I can't seem to find it right now. Probably lack of GMO coffee.

Did you kibutz it?

I went in 2005 with an Israeli friend. I was totally naive to the entire subject. I only had the usual media pro-Israeli propaganda background. I was completely taken aback by the way I(as an American), 'Arabs', and Sephardim were disdained. I was told by my hosts that the Ashkenazim were far superior than the Sephardim. Of course, when any group makes this claim, I first and foremost assume the people making the claim are the group to be suspicious of. I have since tried to figure it all out. Then in 2009 or so I found out two of my grand folks have German-Jewish surnames so I find it an even more interesting topic.

Roundup-ready coffee...yum. I love Round-up.

If it is not obvious, purple.

I lived on a kibbutz for a

I lived on a kibbutz for a while. Didn't much care for it after a long day in the sun working the dig site and never did get used to having all my clothes stolen off the line when I wasn't there.

You might want to take a look at this little-known chapter in Jewish history. Lots of European Jews took refuge in Shanghai since it was the only port open to us at the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXU9W41mSb4 My dad lived there, brought back a whole bunch of worthless 'artifacts' that were actually made in Japan.

And yeah. Coafee.

I visited one

way down South near Elat. They had a huge dairy and milk processing facility. I love to learn about agriculture. I love cows. And I really love learning how other humans live. It was a great experience. I did not have to leave my clothes out all night though...or work. lol.

Here is another story I recently heard about on NPR. You probably already heard about it already.


Who F'in cares?????

Lets take back OUR LIBERTY HERE AT HOME!!!!

The damn thieves in Government buildings and offices have stolen it from us... doesn't anyone think it's time to RECLAIM OUR OWNERSHIP OF OUR OWN LIBERTY???? And, they used us as the method of getting it done! How exciting... Hooray for government, because without it the world would not be able to exist on its axis spinning round and round going around the Sun...

Go Gobment workers!!! U r awesome... cool pensions and benefits you get for being complete douches!!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!

"Who F'in cares?"

Apparently not you. But those "damn thieves" you refer to are overwhelmingly jewish or bought off by jews. And that MSM that you're not so fond of? 90% Jewish CEOs. Federal Reserve? The "Bankers"? Are you kidding. But take pride in your politically correct position, while they pillage and murder with your money.

I'm Jewish...

Am I an international banker? NO!

Did I support Ron Paul in 2012, go to his rally in RI, and in Tampa, set up signs all over on every telephone post on my town green, put up bumper stickers on the street signs around all the surrounding towns, donate hundreds of dollars of a low-income landscaper's savings to the campaign, blog and post and talk to everyone I could about Dr. Paul, his/our ideals and his campaign??? Yes!

Do I continually fight for Liberty, individualism, the Constitution, and for generally what's right? You bet you a$$.

Aaron Russo, Aaron Swarz, Ludwig von Mises, Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO),JESUS CHRIST (Yeshua the Messiah)!, MOSES!, etc, etc...

There are LOTS of Jews fighting for freedom, and plenty of non-Jews who AREN"T! There are plenty of task-masters from all peoples and plenty of GOOD people too. Grouping people like that is collectivism, not individualism. Anyone betraying G-d's Will is NOT a real Jew anyway.

Stop with the focusing on anti-Jew stuff. Neo-Nazi hypocrites and bitter Muslims only serve to make the Liberty movement look bad, and paint us as racists. You care more about Jew hating and Israel than you could ever pretend to care about the USA or the Constitutional rights and freedom of Americans.

I will be very happy to have a debate on Israel anytime. But when you start up the outright Jew hating Nazi propaganda that let's me know the Nazis are infiltrating the Liberty movement, or someone is trying to make it look like that.

Take your hate and collectivist mindset and F--- OFF!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

So let me ask you

Do you think your so called god has chosen you to be greater than me?

Are you god's chosen people?

Are those that are not of you god's unchosen, or NOT god's people

Are you more and others less

Did god put you here to be the master over all who are not born of your gang?

In my mind everything about your group is no different than any other supremist group. Your group has been practicing supremicy for a long time.

So you would respond that you do not personly practice supremist beliefs of your group so your ok.

Yet you claim to be a member.

Meybe you can help to set me straight. I have come to the understanding that your religious group has laid some claims that I do not agree with.

The reason that I do not agree. Every time a person gets the thinking that they are better than the next guy. They have an excuse to practice any immoral behaviour, lie cheat steal and murder. Like a person stepping on a cockroach. Hey its just a cockroach and I am a mighty human. What does it matter to lie steal or even murder somthing that is lesser than me. Thats always the basis for supremist beliefs. I just want to know who is the master and who are the slaves?


That's NOT how it works or has worked

The understanding you have come to is bigoted and erroneous.

Jews are people. They do not belong to one race, one culture, one mind set. There are orthodox, reform, and many "cults". Not all Jews are Kosher, or religious. Being BORN into a Jewish family can also mean, and it has moe often than not, means you are chosen to be damned and persecuted by others.

I know many Jewish people, askenazi, sephardi, farci, messianic, orthodox, reform, B'ani, Kabballahists.. none of them walk around saying, "WE ARE BETTER". From what I see, it is not better, but there is more suffering among Jews than any "group" who are constantly targetted since before the left Egypt.

The Jewish people escaped slavery from Eqypt and to this day, I don't know of a people on Earth that fight slavery more then they do. The poster is correct about the names he mentioned, and he could go further.. Ayn Rand, Milton Freidman, even Adam Kokesh.

Thank God they don't have to wear yellow stars..

Jews do NOT think they are better. What they do seem to have that others do not have is a DRIVE to THRIVE. Those against Jews have fallen for propeganda.

When you don't like a PEOPLE, you fail to see the indiviuals. If the Liberty Movement is FOR indivuals, who do so many act as collectivist and attack a people?

They would

now wouldn't they?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?