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Money Bomb for Germany's Party of Reason

The Party of Reason (PDV) aka the libertarians in Germany are collecting signatures to get their party on the ballot-to give the voters more choices and bring liberty to the people. Their signature drive ends this week as the forms must be proofed for accuracy-just like when we collect signatures for a referendum here in the States.

The party leader Dr. Norbert Geng appeals to us for support:
"Greetings from Germany! I hope this letter finds you healthy, prosperous, and happy (despite all of your government’s effort to accomplish exactly the opposite).

My name is Norbert Geng and I am the leader of the German libertarian ‘Party of Reason’ (PDV). I have been a commercial and financial law professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden for the last decade, after leaving private practice after many years. I know first-hand how the growth of state power has corrupted principles of the free market and it’s overreaching encroachment on human civil and economic liberty—which are one in the same.

As you are no doubt aware, Europe is no stranger to the same disastrous economic, fiscal, and monetary policies that are wrecking the United States.

And thanks to the power of the European Central Bank (ECB), Europe’s financial crisis continues to impact drastically on the rest of the world.

With a paper money and welfare problem that has gotten even more out of control than the one you are facing in the United States, Germany is bearing the brunt of the destructive policies of the European Union and the ECB, as well as the irresponsible decisions of policymakers in other member states.

For years, I was as frustrated as you are in the U.S.A. with the untenable status quo, and thus I was inspired by the success of Congressman Paul in his presidential campaigns – particularly by how he fundamentally changed the discussion and brought the ideas of sound money and economic freedom into the mainstream of American debate..." see http://www.partyofreason.org/?q=content/appeal-pdvs-chairman (CAN DONATE HERE)

They need our support! Dr. Paul has endorsed them. Please see: http://www.partyofreason.org/ (CAN DONATE HERE) or https://www.facebook.com/partyofreason

I worked with several wonderful men and women (Tobias, Marcel, Josef, Thomas, Anton, Jannika, and Volker) who were relentless in working for the cause when I visited in Germany last month. I spoke personally with Dr. Geng. Besides myself- a WA State delegate at Tampa-there are other veterans from the Paul campaign helping out as well.

Please consider supporting them!


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New Party

We need a Party of Reason in the US.

Nystrom doesn't like money bombs anymore...

But I do...

I may throw a few FRNs their way when I get paid. Gotta support my local peeps first though. Thanks for sharing :)

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