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The Media Gets it wrong AGAIN! The Real Paterno Story - Watch This Interview

I got chewed out quite a bit coming to the rescue of Paterno on here a number of months back. It's hard to defend someone when everyone thinks you're defending an accomplice to a sex offender.

I'm posting this on DailyPaul because it just shows how jacked up the media really is....and how easy it is to manipulate the masses by invoking emotional responses (whether that manipulation was intended or not). It also shows just how non-existent investigative journalism is...with the one or two people who reported the facts at the time being marginalized and lumped into the "nutcase" bin.

There are two people in the public eye that I have never met before and trust completely. Ron Paul....and Joe Paterno.

Hope people will sit down and take the time to watch this:


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Thanks for posting this.

I've watched a lot of coaches come and go. I watched BO's and Woody Hayes' teams do battle at my first college football game in 1969.

Of the three, being interviewed, they told the same story, there was no due process.

However, It has all the making of a smear campaign held in a Kangaroo Court.

Free includes debt-free!

Your link is not working

I agree with you. Thanks for sticking your neck out. It's not easy on a emotional story such as this.
Paterno was thrown under the bus to cover up negligence and probably criminal actions of Pennsylvania politicians, PSU Board of Trustee members, the State police, and PA child welfare services. Why do so many forget that Sandusky was investigated in 1998 by the State and never charged? Why does no one blame child welfare services for allowing him to adopt several children?
Sandusky is a sick twisted individual and is locked up for life, where he belongs. The media and Louis Freeh by manufacturing a grand cover up by the President of the University and the football program have wasted an opportunity to educate the public on how pedophiles deceive not only their victims, but their friends and coworkers, in order to commit heinous acts on innocent children. If you truly want the public to understand child abuse and how it occurs in society, then you should be outraged at how the media has scapegoated a few bumbling administrators, rather than highlighting how this can and is occurring in communities throughout the country.
Just like with liberty if you want to change behavior and eliminate corruption, then the masses need to be educated in the subject matter in order to understand and address the problems. The media, enabled by the criminal Louis Freeh, have missed an opportunity to educate.

Well said

I just checked the link and it should be working. It's working on my computer.

Works here also. Once around 1.PM EST and just now.


Free includes debt-free!


"There are two people in the public eye that I have never met before and trust completely. Ron Paul....and Joe Paterno."

Paterno was railroaded. He

Paterno was railroaded. He took the matter to his superiors and they fumbled the ball.

Paterno wasn't the one who witnessed anything. He turned it over to the person heading up the campus police.

If I come to you and tell you I witnessed a crime, whose job is it to report it...mine or yours?

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

If you don't like the way Paterno was treated

then just do what he did and look the other way.


Go Back To Sleep! - 'Dog'

It seems to me You know nothing of the matter.. Just another Joe Pa hater who gets his news from the propaganda media...

I already know more about the matter then I ever wanted to

I actually have no hatred for Joe Paterno, may he rest in peace. What galls me is the people who care more about what happened to Joe Paterno than what Sandusky did to all those innocent kids. But keep fixating on Paterno and the institution that allowed this to happen for many years, just look the other way. That's what the news media does and it works quite well for them. Sometimes the hard truth is too much for people and a good distraction will dull the shock of it. That's your Joe Paterno.

Downvote that.



I'll ask you the same question - Have you read both reports cover to cover? Did you watch the interview which this post is based on? At the very least watch the interview before you create a conclusion....it is what this whole post is about.

Would it be ok to "look the other way" when people bash Ron Paul or call us all conspiracy theorists because we claim Paul didn't get a fair shake in the primaries? Should we look the other way when they call Dr. Paul a "racist"?

I don't get the logic here.

I'll tell you who shold be named beside sandusky

santorum and a few other state senators, congressman.

Of course NOONE wants to dig REALLY deep. We might find more of our beloved leaders are sociopaths than we'd be comfortable knowing huh?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Yep exactly.....

how far do you want to dig down the hole...there was even a murder involved at the beginning of these crimes.



I find it

offensive that you would put Ron Paul's name in the same sentence with Joe Paterno.


Guilty by association? I bet you were treated real nicely when many found out you supported that "kook" Ron Paul. The media works for the money! They wanted to clear the name of the school. Could not afford to lose all that tax revenue! Almost, all, of the comments were positive, in fact!

We're talking about

child molestation here. What's wrong with you?


the emotional response I was referring to in the post. Kind of like when government uses false flag operations to invoke an emotional response that has the entire nation raving about going to war against a country that didn't do anything to us.

I'm saying you have to put the emotional reaction aside....and look at FACTS. Facts being reading both reports and drawing a logical conclusion. Not a conclusion based on an emotional response to a disgusting crime.

I do not differ with you in that I think this crime is absolutely disgusting...I believe Sandusky deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life. But don't let the emotion created from the horrible crime committed cloud the facts about the situation.

You are correct

Talking about people who molest children gets a very emotional response from me...I take it child molesters don't effect you in the same way?


just f'd up to say. Really?

That's like a FOX news tactic dude....."I believe our presence in foreign lands creates terrorism" FOX responds "Oh so you sympathize with terrorists and hate your country.....unpatriotic"

Don't stoop to that level.

Just because something is emotional...doesn't mean it should produce something irrational.


to offend. It's called an opinion...and everyone is entitled to it.

I'd urge you to dig into the matter.

It interests me though that you find it offensive. How many people view Ron Paul as a "racist" or an "isolationist" because of the media reports about him? Do you support these views? If not, why?

I was born and raised

in Pennsylvania. I've already dug. Paterno was a cog in the wheel. This goes higher than Paterno, but don't doubt for a minute Paterno didn't know what was going on.


Maybe next time I need to make an important decision, I'll call on someone who, seems to, know more than God!

Maybe next time

you'd consider using common sense.


I doubt very much Paterno knew what was going on. Have you read both reports cover to cover? Have you even watched the interviews from the post?

If not, how are you making your conclusions? Based on what evidence?

Do your own research:

Starting with

The earliest documented report of possible abuse at the hands of Sandusky is in 1995, when his now-legally adopted son was still a teenage foster child in his home.


How long did it take to arrest Sandusky? 15 years? And you think there's no cover up? OMG

I don't

think pulling one article that cuts and pastes snippets of the story a well rounded investigation of the issue.

Have you read both reports which are the "authority" on both views of the topic? These reports are the source for which all of these poorly written articles are deriving their information from.

Have you watched the interviews that I posted above?

If so, what parts of the interview do you have issue with?

I started you off

now do your own research. I suggest you look into the Franklin Scandal and draw your own comparisons and conclusions.


won't you answer any of my questions?

It seems like you have your mind made up. Facts are besides the point at this stage.

Two "authoritative" reports

and your mind is made up?


prepared by both sides of the argument? What else would you look at? Conjecture taken out of context from "journalists" covering the topic?

Did you at least watch the interview in the post?