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The Media Gets it wrong AGAIN! The Real Paterno Story - Watch This Interview

I got chewed out quite a bit coming to the rescue of Paterno on here a number of months back. It's hard to defend someone when everyone thinks you're defending an accomplice to a sex offender.

I'm posting this on DailyPaul because it just shows how jacked up the media really is....and how easy it is to manipulate the masses by invoking emotional responses (whether that manipulation was intended or not). It also shows just how non-existent investigative journalism is...with the one or two people who reported the facts at the time being marginalized and lumped into the "nutcase" bin.

There are two people in the public eye that I have never met before and trust completely. Ron Paul....and Joe Paterno.

Hope people will sit down and take the time to watch this:


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What do you think

the Paterno family lawyer and the Paterno family spokesperson is going to say? Yea, Joe knew about it but he took it on the chin to keep Penn State, its football program and the politicians away from the whole sordid situation?

Of course they are going to profess Joe Paterno's ignorance.

Notice that

the NCAA president AND Freeh were invited to defend their arguments....and neither decided to show for this interview. You forgot to mention that an attorney general was also present at this interview.

Here I am, doing your

homework for you...are you familiar with BCCI?

"The U.S. Senate race took a potentially explosive turn yesterday when the investigator often credited with breaking the huge BCCI scandal accused Republican candidate Dick Thornburgh of failing for years to investigate leads about the bank when he was attorney general.

"I think that the record here is very clear that the attorney general was managing a Justice Department that was more interested in not investigating and not pursuing than it was in following every lead and bringing the guilty parties to justice," said Jack Blum, a former Senate investigator who worked on the BCCI investigation for two years, beginning in 1987.


Did you

miss the fact that I said that the NCAA president and Freeh were both invited to this interview? Both declined.

Again, you're spinning off on a tangent instead of looking at the facts and narrowing in on the real issue....Paterno.

My post didn't support the entire life story of the DA....nor am I going to dig and really figure out the accuracy of what you posted....because in my opinion it's irrelevant to the real story here.

How about you do homework that involves the actual post....read both reports and watch the interview.

You do realize

the current governor of Pennsylvania is being investigated in connection with the Sandusky case, specifically why he waited 3 years to bring charges against Sandusky when he was the attorney general of Pennsylvania...

"The investigation will look specifically at why it took the attorney general's office three years to bring criminal charges against Sandusky while he continued to have access to children."

"Why did it take 33 months to get Sandusky off the streets." (Good Question)


Thornburgh is a former governor of Pennsylvania, shouldn't you search for a less biased opinion?