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Iran Announces Buy 1:Get 1 to Combat Sanctions

Iran's central bank is allowing most importers to buy local currency at half the former official price as part of attempts to attract investors to an economy battered by Western sanctions.

The effective devaluation of the Iranian rial comes as other proposals are being floated to boost commerce, including possibly waiving taxes for foreign companies.

The central bank offered most importers an exchange rate of 24,779 rials for $1 on Sunday, a day after the official announcement. That compares with the previous government-set rate of 12,260 rials.


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Might be good for the short term.

But they should just de-regulate and remove taxes from imports and deports and the market will create prosperity.

I wonder...

if we would be declared a 'terrorist' if we payed our income tax to a down-trodden Iranian or Iraqi family instead of sending it to the IRS, who only uses it to kill, steal, enrich the 0.001 percent, and enslave us?

Very interesting thought...I

Very interesting thought...I know that your idea would make me feel better than paying uncle scam.


Liberty = Responsibility