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When Keeping us Safe becomes a Sick Twisted Neurotic Obsession

It is obvious to the critical thinker among us, there is a lot of money to be grafted from this operation, but from whom to who?

If keeping us safe meant tens of thousands of lives would be saved, and national security meant the nation may fall to a superior super power, I might be inclined to go along with the rhetoric. But when bath tub accidents have a tendency to kill many more Americans than all the so called terrorists in history, and we're spending literally trillions of dollars to save those few lives from being killed by terrorists, the neuritic obsession must be questioned.

The mainstream media's constant harping on the subject is a critical factor in making people believe terror is a bigger threat to you than your own bath tub. Of course people who own the big 5 news networks also own most of the manufacturers of military hardware and software. There's a vested interest here. Why the obsession? Money. Your taxpayer money. Mainstream media news reporters are nothing more than stenographers for the Federal Government and lobbyists for the military industrial complex.

But now it has gone way beyond the confines of the Patriot Act. Way beyond the prying eyes of the public who think they know what is being done in their name. Way beyond the the Twilight Zone and 1984. Way beyond any semblance of rational thinking.

I fear it will take a lot more Edward Snowden's to fix what is broken.

The USA has entered the Age of Idiocracy. "Keeping us Safe" is the movie version of "Electrolytes", the main ingredient in Brando(see the movie Idocracy).

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Terror is highly overrated.

Terror is highly overrated.

Safety. Its what plants

Safety. Its what plants crave.

I wonder if there's a name

I wonder if there's a name for the disorder. OCD of being obsessed with anything concerning safety. Safetosis Syndrome?

I refined the article a bit

I refined the article a bit to make more sense. Bump.

Mainstream media news

Mainstream media news reporters are nothing more than stenographers for the Federal Government and lobbyists for the military industrial complex.

Keeping us safe

Is just lip service. The constant erosion of liberty and sovereignty both here and abroad can only have one purpose: global governance.

Seeing how easily the Bolivian President's plane was brought down and searched, shows how little sovereignty and diplomacy really matter.

Just wait until they've finished pacifying non-aligned countries.

We will be next.

Non-aligned citizen groups and organizations.

That might change if we wrest full control of the Republican party from the Neo-Cons. That's the only out I see.

That means kicking out the big 4 ringleaders: John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Peter King and Eric Cantor. Then severing ties with the Neo-Con press and promoting our own.

McConnell, Boehner and Priebus are weak willed, and will swing whichever way the wind blows.

It's The 'Big Lie'

It's About Keeping You And I A Slave To The Almighty State - All who believe this are 'SLAVES'

Safety, Secuity, Comfort

requires free energy. It's here. The current paradigm is crumbling, disintegrating. Just as the Egyptian signs kinda funny say; "Go Out"! That's what's happening.

It's not about keeping us safe.

I suspect money is only a part of it. Rather, I think it's about integration.

The globalists can't have their precious new world order with sovereign, independent, economically strong countries...or free people.

Funny you should mention this....

After seeing endless analysis of Egypt and other middle east issues, I started a thread on the Hannity Forums asking if our obsession with the middle east was a sign of mental illness.

A moderator labeled me a troll, and banned me from the site.

I was trying to relate national defense to home defense. If I want to be safe at home, I keep my guns ready, and mind my own business. I don't drive around the neighborhood looking for, or stirring up conflict. I don't look for threats everywhere down the street. I don't choose sides in other people's domestic disputes and provide weapons or money.

If someone did that, we'd call them a nutcase.

It may be a job requirement

It may be a job requirement of TV news reporters to be obsessed with such a minor cause of death in America known as terrorism. That obsession has cost us more money and freedom than any other scam in history. And yes it is a con and a scam by every measure of rational thinking.