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To Begin Anew – Part I

Today in every state that comprises the voluntary union, the people are subjected to an ever increasing measure of tyranny by the central government. The inutility of our money has increased due to excessive printing of currency by the federal treasury beyond what is needed to facilitate a healthy economy. Our personal wealth has been taxed to prosecute unnecessary and undesirable global military conflict and to fund dubious social programs that create a dependence upon government which ultimately denies the people their heritage of free choice. Our natural rights to move about unhindered, to engage in commerce, to procreate, to express our individual beliefs and to practice constructive creativity are further tethered to abusive government intrusion by policy and regulation. The name ‘American’ itself, has been defiled by government acts of imperialism and colonialism in foreign lands.

And yet the majority of the citizenry of our states are ignorant of the abyss that is being created for them. The wolves are slowly encircling the sheep: by distraction, by coercion and by the dissonant propaganda of false patriotism. They know nothing of what is to come. They are deliberately blinded by visual, auditory and visceral sensations experienced in the moment and place no value on the intangible benefits of independence and freedom. They willingly trade that which is most precious for the privilege to sit at the government’s table and eat the fallacious cake of addictive socialism.

It is clear the republic has come to its end. It is a stark statement of reality. A shock to the belief system of liberty held by the minority to be sure. The current structure cannot be recovered for it has utterly descended into a state of political putrefaction. Will we continue to wring our hands together and present measures of enlightenment with written and oral screeds of historical teachings in the hopes of sparking the jejune public? We might as well resign to circuitously milk the ram or bark at the moon. At some point our small colony of dissentients, rebels and recusants will be forced to gather up ourselves and depart for the sunrise of a new land before we too, are swallowed up by the leviathan of government despotism. But where can we go where the empire does not reign?

Maybe instead, we should not leave America. Perhaps God is testing our resolve. The new land we think we seek is in fact the same sovereignty our forefathers risked and sacrificed their lives so that we may have that which is already beneath our feet. If we truly believe in our natural right to liberty and individual freedom we should stay and overcome this adversity in a different way. As has been written before: talk is cheap, acts of resistance are heroic. In what way then, should we proceed?

To be continued in part II.

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