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Re-Thinking 911-Why Barry Jennings Was Mistaken

For those who are not aware, Barry Jennings was in Building 7 the morning of 911, and those who believe in controlled demolition of the building, rely heavily on his account of events. Please note beforehand, this is not an attempt to discredit Mr. Jennings personally. He simply was incorrect in some of his assertions, particularly his timeline of events.
Jennings has claimed repeatedly he experienced a "huge explosion" in the building prior to the collapse of either Tower. He describes the damage he witnessed, “When they finally got to us, and they took us down to what they called the lobby, because when I asked them, I said “Where are we?” He said, “This was the lobby.” And I said, “You got to be kidding me.” Total ruins. Keep in mind, when I came in there, the lobby had nice escalators–it was a huge lobby. And for me to see what I saw was unbelievable.”
“The lobby was so destroyed, I didn't know where I was”.
“The lobby was totally destroyed. It looked like King Kong stepped on it!”
I don't doubt his description of the damage he witnessed. But it did not occur prior to collapse of the Towers for this simple reason; here is the lobby AFTER collapse of the South Tower:
Secret Service Officer Bennette in the lobby of Building 7 AFTER the South Tower collapsed
Where is the massive damage described by Jennings? All that can be seen is loose debris which blew in through broken windows from the South Tower collapse.
Here is the full video of the interview with Secret Service Officer Bennette. Start at 0:30, and note the cameraman approaches the building from the west on Vesey Street.

There is no sign of any explosion. We know Jennings was in the west stairwell. I spoke with Richard Rotanz, who inspected the building for the city. He entered the building from the east, and ascended to the 15th floor in the east stairwell. He stated the west part of the building was too damaged to gain access. Since the east stairwell was passable, that leaves only the west stairwell for Jennings account of it collapsing. Here is the floor plan with stairwells:

Note the proximity of the major damage from the North Tower collapse with the west stairwell. Is is possible the "explosion" Jennings experienced (in a dark stairwell) was from the falling debris of the North Tower? You'll have to answer that question yourself. What is clear is Jennings did not experience any explosion prior to either of the Tower collapse.

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Wow, this video is amazing

The weird thing is, I kept looking for the lobby and I only saw empty spaces and dust.

I kept waiting for them to show the moving vans loaded with couches, chairs, brochure racks, artwork, sculptures, fountains.

Watching the entire video, I saw that the closest they got to the lobby was an escalator that had an arrow --->lobby. How far it was from there one cannot say.

The funny part is that the LAST person in the building is an OST government flunky, who is responsible for fissile materials in the military/industrial complex. That seems ironic when posting a video trying to deny a controlled demolition theory.

I'm not a truther, but this video makes me question the official story more, not less.

Thanks for sharing the video, please keep them coming!

They should never be allowed to build another

sky scraper building until they understand exactly how the towers collapsed. There are real reasons for investigations, to prevent future catastrophes. But for what ever reason the material was carted off and destroyed, under guards no less. If the government is right then when will the next collapse happen?

There were neighbours that checked for explosive remnants in the dust, and it did test positive. Someone isn't being honest about what really happened.

I do see this as a dead issue, the sheep just don't want to know.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

I fail to see how most of you fail to recognize that most...

people in this country are not even casually interested in the truth. I have been presenting unanswered questions to people since October 2001; yet, when people are presented with these unanswered questions, they simply retreat into the old, "Well, there are some things about which we may never know the answers," as if that were a reasonable defense for accepting government lies.

sharkhearted's picture

This is a bunch of NONSENSE. Please DOWNVOTE

If already, disinformation trolls like Z and fireant have already not been called out....if that wasnt bad enough...is that they continue to this day!

I take you back to the statistics: 3000 New Yorkers killed. More than twice that number sick complicated or dying from the Ground Zero workers (for shame). Thousands of young Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan....and hundreds of thousands of their native people slaughtered.

All under a false pretense FAKE false flag lie that could have been prevented....

So basically you have Z and fire ant being PAID to (implied) uphold the government's position that it "was worth the sacrifice of 1000s of young Americans for war"...when nothing could be farther from the truth!


They are the lowest of the low.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

fireant's picture

MODS and Michael Nystrom

I was once threatened with expulsion by you Michael, for a personal attack. I have behaved well ever since. I'm calling in the chips. This person has a record of leveling despicable personal attacks at me and I have never complained, but this is beyond anything considered acceptable. Is there any discipline left on this board? Now is the time for it...

Undo what Wilson did

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Stay on the plantation folks; ignore facts.

I hope you are smart enough to ask yourself why this character is so desperate to have you ignore facts.

Undo what Wilson did

fireant's picture

Prove it or STFU.. YOU are the one behaving like a troll


Undo what Wilson did

I've enjoyed your post here,

and frankly I don't care if you are a disinformation goon or simply a great-hearted person trying to sincerely make sense of a horrible event, but sharkhearted was merely presenting his opinion of you. His opinion of you is no more "prove"able than your claim of "The fact his timeline was mistaken,". ;)

"I'm only pointing out his

"I'm only pointing out his timeline is mistaken." -fireant

Either you believe he heard an explosion before the towers fell, or you don't believe it. Sure maybe he was mixed up with what might have caused what damage, but then that would make it even more absurd for you to speculate matching what he heard with what you saw. In other words, your particular reconstruction of events is a tangent dealing with mismatch and not directly with timeline. He heard an explosion "in the building" at a certain time. At that time he didn't claim to think it was the lobby. He later thought that it had been what damaged the lobby. Maybe he was mistaken with that later assumption, but maybe it actually did cause damage to an area of which he was unaware [basement?]. You could make a better case claiming that the explosion he heard was actually a plane hitting a nearby building, but instead you are [sort of] going with the notion that he did hear an explosion in the building and claiming that his timeline was off. I don't know about you, but I know about my own experience with sounds of explosion. I've been wrong in speculating what caused them and pinpointing exactly where they occurred, but I've never been wrong in recollecting where they fit into sequence of events.

fireant's picture

The damage was enough to collapse the stairwell he was on.

That's some pretty serious damage. I'll grant you that the damage to the lobby he observed was long after his stairwell collapse, but any event large enough to collapse the stairwell beneath him would have penetrated into the lobby with which it abutted. Don't forget, he described a "HUGE explosion". Additionally, the camera crew would have noticed any significant damage from a huge explosion. They were within spitting distance of the stairwell.
Ps: There was no basement in that area. The ConEd substation occupied the first 3 floors, and it was undamaged.

Undo what Wilson did



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Why is this significant?

Believers in controlled demolition have been adamant about the timing of what Mr. Jennings experienced in order to deflect claims that he may actually have witnessed the falling multi-ton slabs of side wall from the North Tower. Since he claimed it was prior to either Tower collapse, that would make a slam dunk explosion of some sort. The fact his timeline was mistaken, opens the possibility that he actually experienced not a bomb, but the North Tower collapse.
Jennings can't be faulted for this. He was enclosed in a dark stairway in a very stressful and confusing situation.
Anyone actually seeking the truth should at this point be honest, and acknowledge it just may not have been a bomb which Jennings experienced.

Undo what Wilson did


Even your north tower collapse theory does not explain a symmetrical free fall, sorry! Grasping at straws are we? If you are correct then why did they not just come out and say the north tower collapse causing collateral damage and here are those individuals that died because of it? Barry was adamant about the dead bodies in the lobby and yet he died right after going public about this. Are you struggling with the facts or do you work for someone else?

fireant's picture

There was no "symmetrical free fall"

There may have been a part of the building falling briefly at that rate, but it is physically impossible for a building to move sideways and free fall at the same time. The red lines indicate the outline of the building before it started descent:

Undo what Wilson did

Yes there was

You may argue that it was not perfect but the truth of the matter is, that it was way more perfect, than not! Tell me it tipped over instead of crushing through the path of highest resistance! I stand by my original statement, NOPE!

PS We may have to continue this reality denial game tomorrow, because I am getting ready to go to bed.

fireant's picture

Then the laws of physics truly were suspended that day.

A building cannot move sideways and free fall at the same time. And yes, it did fall over, in two directions, evidenced by the debris pattern and video...irrefutable. The fact that it's pivot points could not support it falling over is why it went down and over at the same time.

Undo what Wilson did

fireant's picture

Merely pointing out a fact.

The fact is he was mistaken about his timeline. If you can't accept that fact, it would seem you are the one grasping at straws.

Undo what Wilson did

If you understood structial dynamics

you would not even be making such a statement.

I said “Where are we?” He

I said “Where are we?” He said, “This was the lobby.”

Maybe the question was answered with a lie?

Maybe the question was answered honestly, but the "Lobby" meant different things to both men.

Were the videos photoshopped. What was the chain of custody?

Free includes debt-free!

fireant's picture

Kind of a stretch.

I know of no one else who has made this connection, and the video has been around for quite some time (years). What would be the point of faking it or for the newsman to lie? Clearly that is the main lobby of the building, and there is no evidence of any large explosion causing the damage described by Jennings.

Undo what Wilson did

I'm making no claims.

Either Jennings was lying or was lied to.

Is their another option?

Free includes debt-free!

fireant's picture

Not really

I'm just not accusing him of purposefully lying; only that he was mistaken.

Undo what Wilson did

That was i was thinking, originally.

He was mistaken about the amount of damage, or the location of the damage.

There were videos of men talking of damage on the sublevels of one of the Twin Towers.

Free includes debt-free!


I don't think you're going to offend Barry Jennings, he's dead.

fireant's picture

Perhaps you didn't read the post...

I had no intention of offending Mr. Jennings. I'm only pointing out his timeline is mistaken.

Undo what Wilson did


"Please note beforehand, this is not an attempt to discredit Mr. Jennings personally."

I must have the wrong idea.

This video

may be of interest to you.


Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

fireant's picture

I'm familiar with the video...

I just don't know what point you try to make with it. I have always wondered who the man is who yelled up at Mr. Hess.

Undo what Wilson did

I just

thought it may be of interest to you if you are trying to establish an accurate timeline. No clue who the guy is, but judging by how eager they seem to be to get out of there, I would guess it was taken right before the 2nd tower came down.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

fireant's picture

Thanks AngieDfromAL

Actually, that video was after the second tower collapsed, evidenced by the fires in and around the building, which were not present after the South tower collapsed.

Undo what Wilson did