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Karl Rove mentions the entire population of Earth as potential GOP presidential candidates…except Rand Paul

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The r3VOLution continues...


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I thought OP title was sarcasm.............

Until Rove mentioned my name.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I wish you the best of luck with your campaign!



which name would that be?

Credibility gap...

Me thinks Karl has no credibility on the issue. Remember the last election?

He's got about as much credibility as Dick Morris...

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Is anyone still listening to Rove or Hannity?

They have lost all credibility, and they reek of lies and deception. Just ask Ron Paul.

I consider this as the

I consider this as the greatest endorsement for Rand Paul.


the best way to remove Karl Rove from the planet?

Buy him a


He's Scared

He should be.

Rove thinks he still wrights

Rove thinks he still wrights reality.

Not to concerned with

Rove....hopefully by 2016 he will have been tried and convicted of war crimes at the Hague.

Who cares.. Rand Paul is just

Who cares.. Rand Paul is just a conservative Republican, not a libertarian

To Be Fair

He was mainly bringing up people who Hannity hadn't already mentioned (other than Rubio).

To be more accurate, and fair...

Sawn Hamburger set-up the whole "knarled cove" plan to mention the whole world BESIDES RAND, in the first place!

With this interview begins Sawn Hamburger's duty to his masters in the CFR, to distance himself from, and then obscure, any 'Paul' candidate... entirely! All previous friendly interviews will begin to fade into the cloud of 'foggy bottom' DC, Carroll Quigley style.

Like I have said since 2007, there have been only two candidates the last two election cycles.... Ron Paul... versus 'Un-Ron-Paul'!

Nothing has changed!

Even more importantly, this is the year where there should be only two opposing issues... End the Fed... versus 'UM-End the Fed'!

Which brings us to the political forecast...

Do not be surprised when the entire 2016 election cycle is now already comprised of only two candidates and one issue:

'Paul ... versus Un-Paul'...

And the one issue in the campaign will be the most important issue to both parties of status quo, entitled:


Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it CFR/GOP!