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Big tobacco is coming for e-cigs!

E-Cigs are helping a lot of people stay tobacco free and save money from that slavery racket. Well now the FDA is planning on getting its nose into E-Cigs. Some form of "sin"-tax will likely take place but it very well may kill many small businesses who will not be able to afford whatever license they require if it is even offered to them. Heads up.. big tobacco is at it again.


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It's not that they'll be

It's not that they'll be unavailable, it's only that the price will go up. People will complain, sure, but they won't get in any big tizzy over it, because they will hardly notice what's going on.

Sadly true...

Here in Canada, my sister tried to sell the E-Cigs as a small money making venture... As with EVERY small business the biggest hurdle, which is usually enough to stop any small business in its tracks, is the government. Yup, they shut her down. The excuse was that the E-Cigs haven't been approved by Health Canada! Of course I knew immediately it was because the tobacco lobbyists TOLD the gov to shut the E-Cig sales down until the tobacco and/or pharma corporations were set up to either sell them themselves or ban them all together.
CRIMINALS! All existing governments in the western world (I won't say free world) are nothing more than thugs and criminals.
I better stop typing now I'm getting really pissed off....

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

Congress gives Federal Reserve Members what they want.

Congress made that deal with the creature from Jekyll Island in 1913. Congress regulates potential competitors to maximize the franchise tax paid to the US Treasury.

Free includes debt-free!



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