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Analysis: George Zimmerman Probably Won't Be Convicted Of Murder or Manslaughter - Here's Why

Analysis: George Zimmerman Probably Won't Be Convicted Of Murder or Manslaughter - - Here's Why

July 7, 2013

I drew a legal conclusion on "Good Morning America" Saturday that would have surprised the Dan Abrams who covered the George Zimmerman case leading up to, and shortly after, his arrest.

Now that the prosecution's case against Zimmerman is in, as a legal matter, I just don't see how a jury convicts him of second degree murder or even manslaughter in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

So what happened? How can an armed man who shot and killed an unarmed teen after being told by the police that he didn't need to keep following him, likely be found not guilty of those crimes?

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmerman-convicted-murder-m...

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This remark in the

comments cracked me up:

This is an outrage. It's clear that GZ broke his own nose, beat his own head against the sidewalk, while TM screamed in horror, and then when GZ was done self mutilating, pulled TM on top of him and shot him in the chest. How did everyone miss that?

Dan Abrams legal analysis seems pretty straight forward. I still think the outcome will be determined by the Judge's instructions to the jury before they deliberate. Does she follow the law or does she tie the jury's hands?

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I think George Zimmerman was

I think George Zimmerman was running out of options while his skull was impacting the concrete sidewalk from Martin's attacks. George used the gun he had in his possession to save his life in his own self defense. It is what the 2nd amendment was designed for and in addition, protecting the nation from enemies.

Agreed. I hope everyone in the jury...

reads this article.

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