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JP Morgan Recommends Fascism, Theft of Savings to Cure Europe's Ills

JP Morgan, the bank so impossibly intertwined with governments that it can hardly be called a business enterprise, published a scolding report to European nations. JP Morgan tells them that banks stealing people's savings is normal and should be expected, the crisis wasn't their fault, and that southern European nations need to install fascist governments and dump those pesky civil rights while they're at it.

Read the rest here: http://shadesofthomaspaine.blogexec.com/index.php/entry/jp-m...

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Labour rights should be wiped out

The article does not like it, but it is true that 'labour rights' should be wiped out. They are just government meddling in the job market and one of the main cause of mass unemployment in European countries.

In addition, authoritarian regimes are not always fascistic and they may even preserve personal freedom better than the pseudo-democratic regimes currently prevailing in Europe.

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I started to wonder if JP

I started to wonder if JP Morgan did satire.

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