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Smudge Pot Needs Our Help

Hey guys,

Some of you know Smudge Pot as a personal friend, and it is to you mainly that this post is addressed.

For those of you who don't know him, he's a regular contributor to DP and a movement veteran with a solid reputation. He's posted some of the best original content on DP, in my opinion. He also organized security for last years Paulfest, entirely voluntarily as far as I know.

Anyway, a member of his family has reached out to some of his friends on DP to let us know he's in some serious legal trouble, and could use all the help we can give. We are asking that all of his friends here help us raise some funds.

We wanted to do a chip in but decided going through Paypal direct to this family member is the best way. Her email contact is: vogelwehsue@gmail.com. We are trying to raise 2k. There's a good chance those who contribute will be reimbursed. Let's all respect his and her privacy as we contact her and verify what we need to verify.

Smudge is one of the most selfless and dedicated people in the movement, and there are plenty of people here who can attest to that. He is in a time of need, and we should help out if we can.

He is a private person and the details are limited, but I will vouch for Smudge that he is not a person to look for trouble, and sometimes trouble just finds you.

I know that the situation is legit, a group of us have spoken with this family member and confirmed some basic details.

I have committed to contribute $100, and so have a few others. Contributions of $50, $25, whatever you can spare, will be appreciated.

For those of you who don't know Smudge as a personal friend, but would like to help out, you can do so by purchasing a copy of his exceptional book Hidden Harvest, which has been discussed on DP. It's all about proven methods of long term food storage for us crazed preppers. Link to book: http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Harvest-Storage-Poor-ebook/dp/B... He's already given many copies away just for the hell of it to many of us on DP.

Anyone who donates can expect at a minimum a signed copy of the book when Smudge is back tearing it up on DP, and his personal gratitude, which you'll find is worth more than a few bucks.

Let's be as selfless as Smudge is known to be and help out a friend.



P.S. You will need to create a Paypal account, choose the option to send money to a friend, and use the email address provided above to send your contribution.

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Not sure I trust Smudge Pot. He's kooky. He's all over the map.

He's too much like... me.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

For Smudge!

Wooing my wife with compliments and candies. He will be free!

bump, maybe in 1 week i will

bump, maybe in 1 week i will have something i can donate. Please folks help if you can.

Ron Paul 2016

Just donated $20

Not only helping a fellow friend financially. But as a symbol that there's still good people out there in a world full of problems. I'm hoping this will encourage him to keep up the fight.

My wallet is in hand!

I'm Always willing to help another in need especially a person as genuine as Smudge.


Hey, Smudge, friendship is all I can offer at this time, don't worry about reimbursement. Traipsing though your thoughts was payment in advance.

May Peace and Justice always find you.

Free includes debt-free!

Although I Have No Money To Give,

I extend my thoughts and prayers, and wish for his wellbeing.