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Edward Snowden Safely Lands In Venezuela Where He Was Granted Asylum To Avoid U.S. Extradition


(Be Advised, I haven't found a second source at this time.)

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saw this days ago...

hoax to drive traffic to his site.

I think it is a hoax..

link no longer goes anywhere. Maybe it is a way to throw off the CIA; instead he is on his way to somewhere else.

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Before it was news

Edward Snowden safely lands in Venezuela where he was granted asylum.
The Al Jazeera news agency is reporting that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has safely landed in Caracas, Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had offered asylum to the former U.S. intelligence contractor on Friday who was believed to be waiting in transit at a Moscow airport.




Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Would be nice to know

he was kicking it with some local chicas over mojitos
on the Malecon...

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God help you stay safe, Edward Snowden

AFAIC, I only hope that this is only a silly diversion and Edward has in fact safely headed to a location he trusts enough, and that none of us/nobody has the slightest clue about yet.

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I hope this is true...but I have my doubts.

Obvious hoax

Not sure Venezuela is the best place to go.

This may be a way to try to discredit al jazeera.

make them accidentally (or not) post this fake story.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

I hope he is on a private yacht sneaking to a safe haven

away from all the hullabaloo.


Cui bono? Who would benefit from this type of hoax?

Is this the fog of war? Some random prankster? Did it really happen and the denial is the real hoax? And what of this letter? http://www.dailypaul.com/291741/snowden-apology-letter-ruled...

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Likely false

Thanks for posting this but it appears to be fake according to http://politicalblindspot.org/snowden-in-venezuela-hoax-emai...

Very likely: I checked out the "source"

The PRLog story credits Al Jazeera as the source of the story -- but there's nothing on the Al Jazeera website except the fact that Venezuela has offered Snowden asylum -- there's nothing about his having arrived there.

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I makes one wonder about why it was started in the first place. Test of public support? Who knows.

Thanks again.

ES cannot fly to Cuba without

Flying through European airspace. That's incredulous, unless he went a different route on a PRIVATE JET.

Flights from Moscow to Havana are common

or at least they were prior to Snowden being described as vacationing in the Moscow airport.

This is an international chess game. I'm glad it's in play because it's waking a LOT of people up.

The Catch Me If You Can game

The Catch Me If You Can game is half the fun.


Showden better continue to stand on principle because that is his TOTAL SUPPORT.

If he starts playing the game, he's toast.

I was literally buying it

Until the new boyfriend bit. Sounded way too cliche.

How do we know this story

How do we know this story isn't a hoax? Any pictures of ES still in Russia?

Just in time to change the

Just in time to change the narrative before it becomes habit. I figured the latest would be Thursday, but today is good because it will set the new narrative for the week. All MSM nasty Russia rhetoric will have to be changed and previous rhetoric will be forgotten about because of the 21 day rule. Keep writing the narrative ES.

The people of the world owe him a favor, IMO.

Trouble is the people of the world belong to nations but have little say in the matter.

The creditors are more important to greedy governments.

Free includes debt-free!

I agree.

The tyranny mask is being removed and people are seeing reality for what it is. I just hope this give Snowden a little breathing room and some time to relax.

Darn. Here I am about to write a phony apology letter from Ed:

"Baby, you'll always be my baby, baby..."

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.