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Interesting movie on Netflix regarding civil jury trials: "Hot Coffee"

Maybe you heard about the lady who sued McDonalds regarding burns from spilled coffee?

Or a guy that sued the telephone company after being hit by a car while in a phone booth?

Sound frivolous? Well, the details may surprise you. The details that a jury would hear in court but that the soundbite media won't/can't convey to the general population. If you have some time I recommend checking out "hot coffee" on Netflix while it's available. There's a lot going on that may deserve some attention from liberty minded folks regarding civil juries, arbitration, tort, and state supreme courts.

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So many layers of misunderstanding, and negligence compounding through the system. It's like a lesson in institutional idiocracy. No one reported the severity of the burns.

McDonalds was ordered to lower the temperature of their coffee

but refused to comply.

The court-ordered compensation payment equaled one day's worth of coffee sales.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

The 'Jury Box' Key:

Yes, let's wake up and smell the cafe caliente !

A Fully Awakened Jury

Certainly don't trust tort deformers from the corporate/insurance lobby; nor the organized trial bar, for that matter ( they are co-opted and neutered like the 'ammo box' pretenders at the NRA).


This is where the confused paper chasing Common Law/Admiralty/Strawmen Patriots should be pushing their paralegal energies.


Think: Inside THE BOX !