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Michael Hastings: Police and Fire TOLD not to comment; Engine BEHIND crash 200'

3 Weeks now.. A gag order in place.. Engine BEHIND crash 200'.. no skid marks


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john c dvorak

is she related to nagradio.com creator?

R3ovlUTION charles walker 8322474577


So that explains it. She's not a part of their crew of journalists!! LOL indeed.

I guess the producer justified letting her do her story on his broadcast because "she's not one of us," or he could claim "oopsie, I didn't realize she'd say THAT" after he gets a call from above.

So hats off to her. Hopefully she can stay healthy and keep up the courage to pursue this. She could be the next Ben Swann!

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Amazing. In fact, I remember on looking at the first videos/pictures thinking "hmm...the engine looks like it's on the wrong side of the accident" but I could not tell enough at that time to figure out why I felt that way. Sometimes our "guts" can understand a lot with just a very little information. I'm so glad this gal (and any others) are still getting the facts. Does anyone really believe this was an accident at this point?


Go the local news channels!

Download this vid..

before it gets 'purged'.