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You will never eat a Golden Corral again

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I too am serve safe certified

three times over ..

In CA during the rolling brown outs, we tossed full walkins, freezer too.. in the dump. You can write off a loss, so it's not a loss.. matter of fact, food banks (giving away good food the day before it expires FIFO) and write offs for giving are built into good business plans, at least here in CA. Waste is not the issue, as you know, food saftey is.

I didn't bother to watch the vid.. I don't know about your area, but out here health inspectors have gone stealth, video taping and publicizing gross offences.. now with that said.. there has been a WAR going on in the food industry for a long time by Mexican rings.. I first noticed it at Taco Bell.. seemed there were Taco Bells that were closing and reopening as "Amigo's" Tacos or whatever..

My research I found that owners of the francise hired managers that put on a great show when the owner was around, but when the owner was out, they did a number of things to turn customers off. A great taco bell became a taco hell.. the owner couldn't understand what had happened.. lack of business it failed.,. This happened to nine taco bells in Oakland CA in the 90s.. and the practice continues but not on such a grand scale (since many of the ill gained taco bells folded). Now they go after bigger chains.. and the picture I saw reminded me of the taco bell story (which the health department does more to close restaurants then keep them open IMO).


eat there anyways. yuk

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Thank you for posting this video.

I will not be eating at the Golden dumpster any more.

"The Golden Dumpster"

Let's hope the new name catches on.