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The Israeli/ NSA connection

Behind the scenes of the massive NSA surveillance scandal are a host of Israeli companies that have almost certainly taken part in the program as suppliers of technology... The concern is but that the Israeli manufacturers themselves have the ability to spy from afar.

Ha'aretz – On Friday, The Guardian and The Washington Post published documents showing that the U.S. government has been systematically collecting data from companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and AOL on people's telephone and Internet usage.

The data, gathered by the U.S. National Security Agency's PRISM surveillance program, came from email accounts, Internet chats, browsing and search histories. The aim was to amass a database through which the NSA could learn whether terror suspects had been in contact with people in the United States.

In contrast to similar cases revealed in the past, the program involved thorough and continuous collection of data, even when no particular person or communications had aroused the authorities' suspicions.

The controversy has just gotten underway, with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, not to mention civil liberties groups, taking umbrage over the massive snooping operation. For now, the focus has been on the U.S. government itself.

Read more: http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/news/the-cost-o...

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I think we all know

That whenever a person exposes the Zionists, or says something they don't like, they label that person as a hater.
Ms. Weir is a lover, not a hater. She is a lover of truth and righteousness. With people like her and Dr. Paul on our side, evil will not prevail.

That's OK, because they're our allies ;-)

I know because our Israeli MSM tells me so. As does our resident neocon apologist / arab-hater, The Granger.

I do not hate Arabs

I hate what Arabs do to Arabs in the name of Allah and Mohammad.

Israeli Agents of Deception.

Please take a look at Ms. Weirs websites. There you will find a wealth of factual information to share with people who seek the truth--please share on Facebook--thank you!



P.S. sent to Granger by mistake.

I have read Ms Weirs websites

Talk about a disinfo agent Ms Weir takes the HATE CAKE.

Nice in-depth article from Haaretz

Makes you wonder what other countries the NSA is outsourcing the spying contracts to.

Haaretz is rightly concerned about blowback. The American public would generally be pissed off at the idea that not only is the American government spying on them, but that they hired Israeli contractors to do it!

That would be a huge headache for AIPAC.

Haarets is a Liberal UN mouthpeice

When did America not have spies? When did America not spy on those it believed were dealing drugs? When did America not spy on what it saw as enemies?

Snowjob runs to dictatorships that LOVE the UN for help? If it was me, I would not have run away. But then, I LOVE America and want to build a better America, not a better UN under dictatorships. Snowden thinks those countreis he's seeking asylum don't spy?

"It is critical for the

United States at all times to put up a wall of separation between the Government and commercial enterprises"....
I thought the US Government was a commercial enterprise, playing fast and loose with tax payer money.

The Liberty Movement

Needs to stop beating around the bush...

And start up with the Chain Saw

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

The Rothschild



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More Background here:

More Background here:


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Taken Part?

Israel is so far advanced in technology, America and other nations have become dependent, and buying her technology. The nations who are not interested in this technology have Sharia laws that enslave their people, so their governments do not worry so much about needing to spy on people as they citizens do a great job spying, and controlling their citizens. Atheists, homosexuals have NO right to exist in these countries.. you show up to temple or your neighbors will show up and see what is wrong.

Who I would not like to see get this technology is the UN.

Haartz BTW is a liberal UN spokshole out of Israel that speaks for those within that want a global government.

Snooping is never going to not exist. So the question becomes who do you want to snoop on you? Of course no one wants any of it.. but that is NOT going to happen, I don't care how many protests you have.

Do you want a sovreign nation or not?

To me Snowjob, who has been running to the socialists for help, is not by those who want a SOVREIGN NATION, but by those who do not.


If UN loving countries like France already have their own spy-nets, obviously the UN obviously has near direct access to multitudes of these spy nets.

If I was the UN globalists (which thankfully I am not) I would bide my time and amass evidence before lowering the boom on the neo-con elite.

Behind the scenes notice that neo-cons are losing sway and are slowly being picked off one by one.

One of the top neo-con enablers - Rupert Murdoch is being pecked away at and destroyed daily.

Neo-Con puppet Morsi is out in Egypt, along with his Jihadists and Al Queda rebels being shuttled to Syria to pretend to be Syrian rebels.

Globalist El Baradei is waiting in the wings.

The neo-con push in Syria is losing velocity. (though I'm sure the globalists don't give a rat's ass about assad, I notice they are letting the neo-cons do all the dirty work and letting them take the heat)

If I was a neo-con and I hated globalists, I'd be very nervous the way things are playing out.

What are you saying?

I don't see how the UN would have, nor do I understand the concept, of "near direct? (insiders, their own spies, their own satalites, what are you saying?) The UN LOVES countries with Sharia Laws and Communists because these countries do not believe in privacy. There is no need for privacy. What do you need to be private about? Praying to Allah 5 times a day? These people consider freedom and privacy very different that we do. These people are their brother's keepers, they do not have many of the luxuries we take for granted, and we do not have the communal society, some thrive in such a society, and some do not. I do not.. I tried it as a Krishna Devotee for four months and come to the conclusion that I am too westernized (it was ironic that as a punishment I was given my own cottage, that gave me some peace of mind, but then they arranged a marriage for me, and I had to go.. ).

I think Neocons were hit hard by the Ron Paul rEVOLution, and the reality of what the leadership in the GOP is.. many had enough at that point.. Romney didn't run to win, his campaign materials were very expensive.. and I believe part of the plan was to kill the GOP to give us a one party government.

Murdoch is an old man and it appears his wife is pecking him while he is still alive before.

You're saying Nei-con.. as if Obama and the Neolibs are not in control and entangling us with Syria and Egypt... and I think I don't understand your terms What is the difference between a globalist and a Neocon.. are you saying there are UN globalists and Neocons are for Israel.. because I don't see Neos FOR Israel. I see them SAYING they are.. but I don't see what they are doing... that is not to say that they did not help back in the 60s and 70s when there was no term like Neocon (I first heard of NeoLiberals, BTW.. Neocon did not come onto my radar until "W" Bush).

To me, a Neocon or Neoliberal is a globalist for a UN NWO.

Maybe you can educate me?


the dancing granger

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

How so?

I would think if I was going along to get along I would be a megapphonie.

A youtuber has been telling us this for months

Since Sandy Hook and with Boston. His name is havf8 on youtube and twitter. He has been schooling people on STUXNET and how all these Israeli corporations are in the data mining and gathering info on everyone. They have the junk on our government.

Disturbing article, to say the least.

Among the disturbing items:

"While requests to companies for police surveillance and access to data require a court order, the Shin Bet security service operates under an exceptional legal exemption allowing it direct access to network data."

Why the exemption?

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