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Disneyland "cops" writing citations to kids in subtle subservience conditioning program

By Martin Hill


At Anaheim's Disney last week I was in California Adventure walking down the boulevard when I couldn't help but notice a jovial Disney 'officer' writing a ticket for a little girl who was sitting on a bench with a somewhat sour expression on her face.
Since I'm big on fighting tickets and very aware of traffic (revenue) tickets in general, I found the scene quite interesting. The cop wrote the little red-haired girl a citation and then she got up and took a photo with him. So why is Disneyland having employees dressed as cops issuing children tickets? Usually their characters roaming the streets are from some Disney movie. This officer though, as far as I know, was not from any of their films. Check out the photo and video of the what seems to be some sort of subliminal conditioning citizen subservience program.

(Sorry the vid appears sideways. Turn your computer over on its left side to see it correctly. :-)

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