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July 4th DUI roadblock - Video

I found the following video on YouTube of a young man who was detained, harassed and his car trashed and scratched at a Gestapo checkpoint on the night of July 4th. A kid that knows his rights and understands what the Constitution says is clearly a threat!

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the police are getting

the police are getting increasingly more aggressive. I understand they deal with a lot of scum, but they need to learn how to control their anger on lawful citizens. Unfortunately, they can make any citizen they want unlawful.

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confidence people at these


people at these checkpoints need to display more confidence and less "uhhh is that a required...... question to uh.... answer?"

No doubt it is scary I understand. I'd just love to see a more rehearsed response (the police rehearse their line of interrogation, so why not rehearse the responses).

Being confident, precise, and respectful is the best way to throw THEM off their game.

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