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Using the Free Market to tell my cell carrier that I no longer will be paying to be tracked, recorded, etc...

EDIT: Previous Title; "Throw your cell phone in the garbage! I did & I couldn't be happier." Since some people here didn't really understand the point I was trying to make, I've changed my title to be more specific. Honestly I am not afraid of being tracked, if I was I wouldn't be online commenting constantly. I simply refuse to continue to financially support my cell carrier... why would I pay someone to track and record me?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" - Voltaire

I celebrated the 4th this year one tiny step closer to freedom... I no longer have a cell phone and I never will again.

Most people don't understand why, so it gives me a great opportunity to plant a few "wake the hell up" seeds.

After almost 20 years handcuffed to a cell phone (Yes, I carried a Motorola "Brick" phone for a while)I am free and it feels great!

I spent my weekend in north county San Diego on the sand and in the surf- enjoying the beauty all around me. As I was getting out of the water after some really clean, fun waves, I was amazed at all the people sitting on the beach looking down at their "smart" phones- handcuffed. Did any of them even see the dolphin, the crazy guy who removed his boxers without removing his shorts first, the surfing fish, the amazing birds, the beautiful woman in the black bikini or the turquoise waves breaking in perfect little barrels? Probably not.

Oh well, at least I will no longer (voluntarily and at my own expense) spend any of my time with my wrists bound together as I bow my head in submission.

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People listening to your phone calls is not a new thing.

When I was a kid we had party lines.Everyone on the line could listen
to everything you said so you had to be careful not to piss off your neighbors.And if your neighbor was long winded,you had to wait for hours to make your call.I've never had a cell phone and don't want one.

Yet, you continue to pay your

Yet, you continue to pay your ISP to provide Internet and track everything you do with it, and you pay your government taxes with which to track the world.

Things like this are silly statements that simply make you look inconsistent. It's just like when one guy in an organization says something anti-gay and all the pro-gays rally to boycott them, but they still eat their bible thumping auntie's casserole.

The real-world effect of it is that you can't communicate by phone any more. If that's not a big deal to you, then so be it, but if I were to do this, I would encounter major, major challenges in being able to do business of any kind or get anything whatsoever done.

Sorry you're so chained to your phone- sucks

Been there. Done with that.

I'm not.

I am a huge fan of technology and how much easier it makes our lives and all the things it lets us do, and I'm not going to let fear drive me away from it.

What you should be sorry about is that our government feels a need to track us all through it, or maybe for the people who use their technology without even realizing they are being tracked.

Don't waste your efforts on me, I know what I'm getting into.

Fear? Sorry you don't get it

Sorry my decision to do this gets you so upset.

Have a good day :)

It doesn't upset me. It just

It doesn't upset me. It just in my opinion is inconsistent, unless you are also devoid of other services which potentially spy on people (as you have posted this and are replying to me, I see that is not the case).

If you wanted to give up all spying services, perhaps I could congratulate you, but personally the way I see it is that while my $75/month will not further their spying activities, my continued use of the phone may serve to help stop them.

I decided to start somewhere

Maybe I am wrong, but it feels really nice. Thanks for all you do to "help stop them". I will continue in my way to do the same. Maybe eventually, something will work.


I,only, carry a tracfone. in

I,only, carry a tracfone. in my vehicle, for emergency use only. i keep the battery in a different location. Only $85 per year.

Get rid of your Computer next?

Why stop now! ;-)

My friend has a track(sic) phone.

He doesn't want to sit in the woods with a double fracture of his lower leg for 3 hours in the 90 degree heat. Or Michigan cold.

It's the lowest cost solution he could find.

Free includes debt-free!

tasmlab's picture

But how do you manage to pick people up at the airport?

If I could figure that out without a phone I may be tempted to get rid of the device. Although I'm addicted to EA Scrabble an snapping pictures of my kids.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

We managed

for many decades. Somehow, most everyone made it home.

There are so many things you

There are so many things you can't do without a phone. Just because we managed before doesn't mean it would be easy now. For one, everyone else expects you to have a phone, so doing anything without one requires them to change around their habits. Unless they have a good reason to they simply won't do it. Most employers will not hire you without a phone. You cannot cancel orders or do many things that you have to do to just manage your basic finances without a phone. You are throwing away many opportunities and costing yourself a ton of time if you have no phone.

I have no cell phone

I don't have any of the problems mentioned.

That's an easy 1...

I don't lol


Were good for teenage years only.

I find the notion of being 'cool' for having one stupid.

The camera yes.

After being at a new years' eve party and seeing all these clowns pull them out to talk, I found it really absurd.


I do "arm" myself with a camera

Since you never know...

I know the feeling

Years ago I had a cell phone of my own. It was a novelty and when my company got me one, I dropped my plan and personal cell. Following the financial crisis, about 4 years ago, the company asked for volunteers to give up their cell. I did.

I did enjoy the "freedom" of not being at anyone's "beck and call" just because I had a cell phone. I really enjoyed my free time. This ended within a year as my employer, likely expecting me to go get a personal cell when my company phone was gone, re-enrolled me in their cell phone plan, likely because they WANT me at their beck and call. I retire in a couple of years. I am not planning, today, to keep a cell phone beyond retirement.


They cost more too

Today's cell phone and the plans that come with them cost much more than they did initially.
I first got a cell phone around 1995 and they offered a simple plan where you could talk locally for approx. $15.00 per month.
A simple plan that basically covered the county you live in, if you wanted to call outside that area you had to pay "roaming" charges.
Very simple plan and cheap when compared to today's prices.
Hey, I thought all this technology was suppose to help us somehow.
What's with that?
When I got my cell phone...I told them to "disable" the text part so I can only use it for talking. This way, if some kid finds it, he'll likely not use it because he can't text with it. For some reason kids today like texting, which to me is like going back to the typewriter.
Go figure!
Thanks for the post...I am on the cliff, about to jump, just need a little more time...
waiting for a new job offer, then "Jeronimo"

Last part sounds like you're decrying prayer

"Oh well, at least I will no longer (voluntarily and at my own expense) spend any of my time with my wrists bound together as I bow my head in submission."

If you are paying to pray,

maybe you should rethink your whole process?

FYI- "at my own expense"= exchange of currency

Everyone pays to pray

FYI- "at my own expense" doesn't have to pertain to the expenditure of money

it can pertain to any loss taken for any desired gain, including a loss of time or energy or a psyche uninterrupted by superstition

haven't you ever heard of "laughing at someone's expense"?

did you just assume that the person in question was paying for jokes?

try not to correct people if you don't know what you're talking about

Great post!

I tossed mine in late 2011. I've only sort of missed it twice: once when I was lost, the other late.

I don't hold anything against anyone who chooses to have one. What does bother me, though, is when I get together with friends, and someone's nose is buried in their phone texting away. I think it's rude, and I think it's sad that people don't talk to each other anymore. Few people actually Call to talk anymore. When I had my cell, I found myself being like that, and that had to stop.

I have an old pink rotary phone now. LOL.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

So jealous of the pink rotary :)

Thanks Betty. I don't hold anything against anyone who chooses to have one either... Maybe the Voltaire quote is a little harsh, but I was attempting to get some people thinking

Thanks for your post

I too have lived cell-phone free for the last 4 years. People actually think I'm lying to them when they discover this fact. Trying to show it's possible to survive without constantly being connected. I call people instead from a landline. When's the last time you used a payphone? Haha

LOL... No payphone yet.

Yes, people think I'm lying. It blows their mind. From some of the comments below, I've even blown some minds here on the DP.

My cell phone...

...does exactly two things: it makes and receives calls, and it takes pictures.

Unsurprisingly, I spend a minimal amount of time on it.

I hate how everyone assumes that everyone else has a smartphone now.

i have a cell phone...

i have a cell phone...i just leave it in the car when i go to the beach. it's nice to have a way to communicate with someone in an instant or get information via the internet, or have a camara to record that special moment, or the girl in the black bikini. But you are right...people can become very addictive of things and miss out on the only real thing there Congratulations on your freedom.


Smart dumb phones

They're called smart phones
They can make us numb
And that's dumb
I'm glad you're too smart for a dumb phone

I would, but

I use my phone to read the DP.