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My Cousin Died From Brainwashing and Ignorance.

Last early Friday morning. The day after the Fourth of July. I lost my cousin at the age of 50. He lost his battle with cancer. He was a good soul and will be missed. What would have been if he would have looked at other solutions instead of what the medical community offered? Would he be alive to today? I can say ignorance surely played a part in his death. why?

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Why We All Don't Get Cancer

I watched a documentary

I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives on Netflix a while back. One of the doctors in the movie was head of some prestigious medical society in NY. He was selected to participate in the largest cancer study ever to take place, in China back in the 1970s.

In the movie he explained that they expected to see even distributions of the various cancers throughout the country. Instead, he showed transparency sheets over a map of China showing certain cancers primarily in specific areas.

After lab research, he found that they were able to literally turn cancerous cell production in lab rats on and off like a switch simply based on diet changes. One of their conclusions was that the natural rate of cancer is significantly lower than the rates we see due to diet & environmental factors.

He brought his findings back to the medical society he was chairman of and the result was that they kicked him out. Told him they do not practice that type of medicine. I do not recall if this next part was his opinion or if it was later told to him by other members of the medical society. Basically, he said something about doctors having mortgages, student loans and other bills that they are able to pay by treating cancer but not by curing cancer.

In my opinion, the health / diet aspect of cancer prevention is probably correct. But rather than looking at it as a cure, by changing diet after being diagnosed with cancer, consider it simply a lifestyle. In that way it's a more proactive preventative "treatment" to stop it from ever happening rather than a reactive treatment.

For anyone who likes health related documentaries, I highly recommend Forks Over Knives. The documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is also quite interesting with the results achieved.


People die...

We can't stop it. We will all die someday.

Cancer is not well understood, still. There are so many different kinds & causes, and every individual body handles it differently, as well as the treatments.

Sometimes all-natural or alternative treatments may work. Sometimes Chemo & other modern medical procedures like surgery will work. Sometimes a combination of the two, or more. Very often though nothing at all will stop the cancer.

Sad but true.

I know if I ever get cancer (G-d forbid) I will try every possible angle and treatment to cure myself, starting with natural treatments.
Or I may just go for the "Walter White" treatment.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I watch my family suffer

from a genetic condition I share, but my health has improved so much with diet changes. It's hard to watch them knowing the suffering to that extent isn't necessary.

Defend Liberty!

You are absolutely CORRECT!

The truth is my cousin was being brainwashed by the media and medical establishment believing that only an Oncologist can cure him of his cancer. The belief of chemotherapy will make him better and extend his life. What is more deadlier than cancer is being held captive by a belief system fed to him by propaganda. He was blind being kept in ignorance from alternative medicine could have made all the difference in the world.

The last thing my Dad said to me before he died was

I was standing next to my dad's hospital bed and I started praying as I held his hand. I did not do "Let's Make A Deal" with God. I prayed that my Dad would find peace in the embrace of his Creator. I began to pray in the Spirit language... it just happens spontaneously and my Dad interrupted me saying, "Prayer is prayer... but when the Lord calls it just doesn't get better than that." He said it twice and I slowly realized he was seeing something -- someone -- I didn't see. Tremendous peace came over us. My Dad glowed and relaxed. Eventually I left and the next day Dad passed away. But He never spoke another word after we were together.

The juicing thing... taking care of our health... has it's place. But We are a part of something infinitely bigger than this existence.

I and many of my friends in

I and many of my friends in their 50's are having ruff times health wise. Many of us carry the touch of liberty fervently. I wonder if we are in some technological way being targeted for death.

If Steve Jobs couldn't find a cure

with his billions of dollars and immense resources, I find it hard to believe that "alternative" remedies exist.

Steve Jobs Regretted Delaying Cancer Surgery 9 Months, Biographer Says

"Jobs, fascinated by Eastern mysticism in his youth, believed in alternative herbal treatments, and sources have told ABC News in the past that they thought he minimized the seriousness of his condition...

"...Jobs had a rare neuroendocrine tumor that was far easier for Western medicine to treat than "ordinary" pancreatic cancer, said Amri. He instead sought alternative treatments."

Mistake in healthcare process kills the 3rd most people


interesting read about the AMA's monopoly on what doctors are allowed to practice, artificially raising the prices and leading to overall worse care for people.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Have a Look at This.


They Are using the SAME Treatment Now, that they Used in the 70's

Just lost someone to cancer

And I can tell you for sure, your cousin died of cancer, not brainwashing. You honestly have no idea what all these internet cures would do. He may have died sooner and it's highly cruel and irresponsible to pretend that you know the cure to cancer cause you read it online.

you know what

judging by what you said you can't tell anyone anything for sure. You sound like a perfect case of having been brainwashed yourself. You have no idea what those alternative cures might have accomplished. He might have recovered. It is cruel and irresponsible of you to castigate a loving cousin for caring enough to want to save his loved ones life. He was not pretending to know the answer just to try alternatives which are available and might have helped. You are a good little sheeple believing the documented lies told by the medical establishment. They have been lying to the American people for generations. All in the name of profit. They are a disgrace, have acted criminally behind the power of the medical establishment which along with the pharmaceutical industry brutalizes and destroys human life on a daily basis all in the name of profit.....

My wife had

lung cancer. They "cured" her and she was in remission for about 6 years. Then it came back as brain cancer. Multiple sub-centimeter lesions which were inoperable. Radiation and chemo did nothing but worsen things. Finally the doctor put her on two different chemo treatments, both of which said to pay very close attention to the white cell count. Of course the doctor did not check the white cell count. She came down with pneumonia and I checked her into the hospital, where they put her on immediate reverse isolation. Her white cell count was 1.1 and normal is 13-14. So, the death certificate said she died of pneumonia, but actually she was killed by the cancer doctor.
She was also a big user of "equal" sugar substitute. I have found since then that aspartame (which is what "equal" is) causes multiple sub-centimeter holes in the brain. Coincidence???????

I have decided that if I am ever diagnosed with cancer (of any kind) that I'll take the pain meds - otherwise - leave me alone!!!

For those who believe in the establishments cancer treatments. Check out the "cure" rate for their treatments. You'll find it so low that no treatment is often better.

Weekly tests

My mom had the same deal going, but breast cancer. Her chemo had the same affect on white blood cells and as a result, she was tested weekly and given a booster based on the results. The doctors couldn't have tried or cared more. She too went into remission before it spread a couple years later. She also got pneumonia several times, each serious but each time, treated with antibiotics.

Had she done nothing, she would have been dead 7 years ago instead of this year. It just happened so it's pretty fresh for me, and so I'm a little raw but... please reconsider. You can't blame the medical community for one doctor's failings.

I don't blame them all

Just the ones that think they are God and know exactly how you feel and know that you are too stupid to know if the medication they are giving you are causing more harm than good. I have hypertension, one doctor started to give me a prescription to some pills I had already tried. When I told him that those caused me to wake up every 15 to 20 minutes to go urinate, he jumped me and told me that I HAD to take them for the rest of my life. I let him know that I thought he was an idiot and refused to even get the prescription filled. You think I was being stupid? Try setting your alarm to wake you every 20 minutes (and put it across the room so you have to get up). Do that for a month or two, while knowing you have to drive to work the next day!! I was falling asleep at the wheel when I was taking those pills and it was scaring me too much to continue with them! (Not so much for my life, I was worried that I would run into an oncoming car that had children in it!)

So - NO! - Doctors are NOT GOD. If you think they are wrong then look elsewhere, including other doctors as well as alternative meds.

Maybe its your area

Maybe it's where you live? I don't know but your doctors don't sound like the dozens I've dealt with over the last several years. To say doctors are NOT GOOD is like saying private school teachers are NOT GOOD because you went to a bad school. Most are good, some aren't.

Btw, I am sorry for your loss. I neglected to tell you that earlier.

You made an incorrect assumption -

I did not leave out an "O" - I mean doctors are NOT A SUPREME BEING - ONE WE NORMALLY REFER TO AS GOD (single O)
Many of them act as though we should treat them as royalty at a minimum. They are not - if I disagree with the doctor then I don't mind letting them know.

ah, yes

I did notice many arrogant doctors as well. I really detested them until I started to get to know them.

Imagine just losing someone

Imagine just losing someone to cancer, and this OP dude goes and says "oh he died because he didn't listen to me."

Might might might.... that's all you got? He might have recovered? Ever know someone who did this crap? I do... they died.

When someone you love has cancer, all you want is to believe there's some magic internet cure... but there isn't.

When you get cancer, it'll be a moment of truth. How much do you believe the stuff you read online? We'll find out.

The cancer industry killed a

The cancer industry killed a friend of ours. She had relativly minor skin cancer and once she started chemo it spread throughout her body and eventually into her brain. We tried to get her to do the Dr. Gerson's thearapy and cleansing but she kept doing the mainstream treatment. Eventually it got so bad they ran out of options and gave her an experimental drug that killed her.

The mainsteam doctors just scare the shit out of you and convince you you only have a couple months left and their treatment is the only hope.

I am really sorry for you and your cousin. Its pretty fucked up to have to get into an ideological battle over your friend's life and eventually lose.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

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Sorry for your loss. If I get

Sorry for your loss. If I get cancer, I know where I'm going. And if I can't go there, I'll just go all natural.


A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

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for the film Marc. I just watched it. This subject has been of great interest to me in the last few months. I wonder if and how this doctor's research is related to the endocannabinoid system.

If anything this film exposes the level of control and corruption that exists in these institutions. I recall a similar story about Dr. Max Gerson, who was allegedly poisoned and his research stolen.

My friends mom did an all

My friends mom did an all natural cancer cure place in Peurto Rico a couple months before she died....

and what did she do before the natural "cure?"

Had she completed her course of Chemo? How long was she ill? Did she have radiation? What kind of cancer did she have? Too many unanswered questions for you to come up with any conclusion one way or the other..

This is the "natural" SCAM.

"She died because she wasn't natural enough! She was exposed to too much mainstream medicine for the natural cures to save her!"

This is the SCAM used by every single natural health quack, exemplified by the charlatan Mike Adams of Natural News, so that they can never be wrong. It's the fuel for the endless circular reasoning. The mental gymnastics I see from the true believers in the "natural is right" logical fallacy is astounding.

Guess what, the natural course of life is DEATH. The most perfect, pure natural health plan will result in guaranteed death! The worst brainwashed people I see are those who desperately cling to the claims of miracle cures be the snake oil salesmen while fighting their imaginary evil mainstream medicine profit-driven straw man.

And what of the scam

used by every true believing member of the horrific medical/drug establisment which has a poor record of cures for anything. Iatrogenic causation of death (ie. death by physicians mistakes, other errors and prescriptions)is the third leading cause of death in this country. The worst brainwashed people I see are the true believing members of the drug pushing medical industrial complex who cause over 200,000 deaths per year in this country. Are you a shill for the medical establishment Delysid? Yeah take this drug A to treat symptom 1 but then A causes symptom 2 so take drub B which treats symptom 2 but gives you symptom 3 so then take drug C to deal with 3 but you get 4 ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And yes the "imaginary" but all too real profit driven bastards who don't give a damn about humans are licking their money making chops because they have a not so little army of trained drug pushers and support personnel to ensure that the money keeps rolling in regardless of the death and devastation their system causes.It's easy to criticize the natural medicine people. But why not direct your criticism at the true cause of the medical holocaust, the medical establishment. If you know anything of history you would know how all other disciplines of medicine other than the current conventional one were prevented from competing on an equal footing due to various manipulative schemes. Medical schools teaching herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine chiropractic and other modalities were blocked by the Flexner report and were not given funding to flourish and grow.It all had to do with the Rockerfellers and the oil business as it relates to the pharmaceutical establishment. Anyway it's a closed system now with a vice-like grip preventing any other type of medicine from thriving.And it's really repulsive...

I disagree

Iatrogenic death is the number one cause of death. Many physician deaths are not recorded as such and are therefor erroneously recorded as some other cause by the CDC. And if you factor in the intentional physician deaths then the medical establishment is clearly number one easily beating out the next worse cause.

Thank you for your correction

G-d Bless you and all of us especially those brave seekers who challange the prevailing thought and strive for real truth.

Yeah I'm a PAID SHILL! Are you a mindless robot?!

Every single alternative medicine alarmist accuses me of being a shill in every single conversation! I mean it's like all of you people are so convinced of your circlejerk hivemind propaganda that none of you can even fathom that anybody could genuinely disagree with your worldview!

I've noticed you also criticized profits. What is wrong with profits? Alternative medicine quacks make plenty of profit off of your superstitious gullibility!

Medical holocaust? Give me a fucking break.