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My Cousin Died From Brainwashing and Ignorance.

Last early Friday morning. The day after the Fourth of July. I lost my cousin at the age of 50. He lost his battle with cancer. He was a good soul and will be missed. What would have been if he would have looked at other solutions instead of what the medical community offered? Would he be alive to today? I can say ignorance surely played a part in his death. why?

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Delysid Your small closed

Delysid Your small closed little mind does not allow you to comprehend what you read, causing you to misinterpret and not come away with the point. It is not profit I was criticizing it is those who consider profit at the expense of human life and suffering that I object to. Most brainwashed conventional medicine supporters who exclude alternative measures are so convinced of their correctness that they cannot open their minds to any other possibility and resort to their own form of narrow minded propaganda while resorting to adhominum attacks and low minded vulgarity as expresssed in your post. If you don't think that Iatrogenic causation as the third largest reason for the number of deaths annually in this country is not a medical holocaust then what is?

This group of geniuses can

This group of geniuses can only imagine that someone would disagree with them if they get paid to do so. Why else would someone question their brilliant internet cures for cancer and their vast array of internet-gained medical expertise?

(And to think Ron Paul is a dreaded M.D. lol)

Oh, and the reason they talk smack about profits is because they're not libertarians. They're just simply 'whatever's not mainstream' because they need to be different. It's not a thinking mans game... it's a counter-culture hipster type thing. To them, it's cool to rail against ANYTHING that other people respect. Ron Paul? Awesome. Rand Paul? SHILLLL!!!! Think about it.

All she did was the all

All she did was the all natural treatment center hocus pocus. As a result, she did not live long after being diagnosed. She was a very 'all natural' person in general. She ate lots of raw vegetables and the typical all natural diet stuff, never GMO or McDonalds type stuff.

And they're not unanswered questions to those of us who knew her. They're unanswered to you because you had no idea she ever existed until a few minutes ago.

you don't know how long she was sick before the diagnosis

what was the quality of the water she drank? Were there pesticides on the vegetables? Did she have allergies to the food she ate. Many people think they are living well and naturally but in truth they are not. What kind of toxins was she exposed to? Plus, very often people who sense they have something wrong with them go natural because they are trying to avert the problem. But their way of natural might not be sufficient. This whole discussion is moot as there is no way to control the variables let alone delineate them. There are many reasons for people's immune system failures. Not enough exercise. Poor circulation. Genetic propensities. We are not blessed with total wisdom. She did the best she could. It didn't work. There is no going back. Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all treatments. Yes there are plenty of unanswered questions for me and for you though you might not wish to ask them. One man's hocus pocus is another's miracle cure. I am sorry for your loss. Would that it had been otherwise.

Dude... whatever. Go live

Dude... whatever. Go live 1000 years ago when there was no modern stuff and see how long you live. Hint... you'll die really quick probably.

And if the whole discussion is moot because of the amount of variables, why the hell do you even have an opinion on what's best? Get real and think about what you're saying for a second. You must be right because there's so many variables that I can't know that I'm right? Wtf

It's moot because you don't

It's moot because you don't know sh*t from shinolah. That's because you have all the answers without asking questions.You accuse me of being right because that's the way you think. I ask questions because they need to be asked. You "know" too many things without any substantiation and that makes you a fool.

fine, you win

I'm fool for pointing out that you didn't learn to cure cancer online.

No you're a fool because you

maintain that you know things which are unknowable by you. You maintain that you know things which are not true, because you deem them so or are true because you so deem them. Also, because you have no way of knowing that one can not learn to cure cancer online yet you maintain that to be true. What you don't know is whether cancer can be cured from information gleaned online. You may think it can't or believe it can't but not know it can't. Therefore, since you do not know this, how can you point it out to anyone? You can't. That's why you're a fool.....

so ironic

is this a joke?