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Living on Cash to Avoid Debt

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—Living on cash has several distinct advantages for consumers who are seeking to slash their budgets by spending less and saving more money.

Using only cash or debit cards to pay for your expenses is becoming more popular as consumers are shying away from amassing large amounts of credit card debt and accruing interest.

Creating a budget that eliminates all non-essential expenses and evaluating it weekly helps consumers get started with this option, said Rakesh Gupta, a professor in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business at Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y.


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In other breaking news those who spend less than they make

grow their savings balance.

Ant those who burn more calories than they eat lose weight.

I dont want or need a credit

I dont want or need a credit card. I just use my bank card for everything.(or checks, because some places still want those)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.