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New leak: NSA can tap into global internet traffic

"Deals brokered between federal agents and foreign corporations have allowed the United States government to easily intercept and interpret a vast swath of communication data sent around the world, new documents reveal.

In a National Security Agency slideshow obtained by The Washington Post and attributed to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, the US government encouraged analysts to tap into an array of underwater, fiber-optic cables that serve as conduits for around 99 percent of the world’s Internet and phone traffic."


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So when certain undersea cables were "cut" in the recent past

that was the NSA installing taps on them?

Surprise, surprise.

Bank transactions, bank

Bank transactions, bank records, brokerage accounts, passwords, unlimited access to all data. In the event of economic collapse, the government is prepared to seize all assets it deems necessary.

I think the US government has pissed off everybody in the world with their technological crimes. This is the real threat to our national security.


They did build their Fiber sniffing center in Utah, right over top of the internet fiber optic backbone for a reason.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

We know that.

What is really going on?

Prior to Snowden...

...we "thought" we new these things. Now we know these things. Now it is not so-called "conspiracy theory", as they are so prone to say. It is laid bare for all the world to know, with support documents for varification. Not just Snowden's word. That's the difference with Snowden's revelations.

But, how many msm outlets are covering this? They all jump upon a "big" leak for one day, so they can enjoy the increase in "clicks" and advertising dollars, but quickly regress into the darkness of the supermarket tabloids, by focusing on Snowden and never on the gross global spying apparatus. There is virtually no msm coverage of the "real" issue. Same old msm tactics and no investigative reporting, with very rare exception.