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New technique would allow a petabyte of data on a single disc

By Brian Dodson
July 8, 2013

Data storage and preservation are no longer restricted to the needs of individual users, or even of companies or governments large and small. Instead they are the only remaining approach to preserving the history associated with the evolution of the digital age, and possibly the post-human era to follow. A research team headed by Prof. Min Gu of Swinburne University of Technology has developed a new data storage method that may be of considerable use for such civilization-sized concerns by putting a petabyte of information on a DVD-sized polymer disk.

Big data presents today's and tomorrow's world with a wide array of possibilities and difficulties. Cautionary tales are already spreading across the world's newspapers. Estimates suggest that there is nearly a zettabyte (a trillion gigabytes) of digital information stored in various places on and off the Web. Digital recordings of all US phone calls for a year are estimated to require 0.3 zettabytes.

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How many petafiles are currently at the NSA?