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My IRS Story please post far and wide

U. S. Prosecutor Victor Wild and IRS
Fleece and Torture Boston Family

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Boston Massachusetts – 51 year old Thomas Curry of Boston started his family 19 years ago after he had established his business, his ability to provide for them. Tom and his wife Stella had two beautiful daughters and Tom’s landscaping business flourished due to his dedication and work ethic. They purchased a middle-class home and began saving for their daughter’s college and what they forecast to be a moderate retirement. They were succeeding with this effort due in large part to their very modest life-style. However, their hard work and their dreams were soon to be shattered.

Like many Americans, Tom Curry was patriotic and paid attention to government and the condition of his country, as opposed to sticking his head in the sands of apathy and selfishness. According to witnesses, Curry was a “Christian man who worked hard, took excellent care of his family and often helped those in need”.

Like millions of middle-class Americans Tom Curry noticed as the years went on that he was working harder and harder, paying more and more in taxes and that his financial condition was weakening. Like this writer, he didn’t agree with how his government squandered his tax dollars.

Highly Persuasive “Tax Advice”

Tom Curry stated, “In the year 1997-1998, I was introduced to the works of Irwin Schiff and former IRS agents claiming that there wasn’t any law that made the US taxpayer liable to pay an income tax. I was in a real estate office at this time and one of the agents mother was an IRS employee. His name was Warren Cormier and he was the guy who introduced me to Irwin Schiff. This was very interesting to me so I contacted Irwin Schiff directly. I then purchased all of his books, tapes and began to read and study them. I referenced and cross referenced all of his claims and believed that what he was saying was 100 percent correct and that the income tax was indeed not mandatory, that it was voluntary… I attended many seminars that Mr. Schiff had put on.”

According to a US~Observer researcher, “Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans no longer pay income taxes because of information contained in Irwin Schiff’s books.” This writer has spoken with Schiff in the past, just as I have spoken with nearly all so-called experts over the years who preach that the income tax is voluntary and we aren’t required to pay. These people are extremely persuasive, especially some of the ex-IRS employees who teach and promote this belief.

I am equally aware that it is the position of all courts in America that every US citizen is legally required to pay the income tax and that the only defense for someone charged criminally with tax-evasion is the good faith belief that they weren’t required to pay the income tax.

It didn’t take Tom Curry long to learn government’s position on the income tax. He soon learned that he was in an uphill battle to not pay, so Tom started filing his now complicated returns after deciding he had no choice but to comply. He hired a number of different advertised “professionals” to file his returns; however the Massachusetts State Department of Revenue (MDOR) and IRS employees informed him that his returns were fraudulent. At this point these agencies simply took Curry’s gross incomes and taxed him on these amounts, excluding any write-offs. MDOR and the IRS have made the ludicrous claims that he owes anywhere from 4-7 million dollars in taxes.

Unable to even dream about paying these amounts, Curry hired a person named Nina Williams who claimed to be a tax expert to work out his problems with the taxing agencies. After a good number of years and repeated failures on the part of Williams and others to straighten out his tax problems, Curry could see that he was stuck in “limbo” by the agencies. At this point the abusive agencies started stripping Curry’s bank accounts, attaching his properties and forcing him to sign agreements by threatening to take his driving privileges.

MDOR and the IRS went ballistic as they routinely do and on January 11, 2011, they sent numerous armed agents to the Curry residence, battering ram and all. They confiscated all of his business records and many of his personal possessions. Keep in mind, Tom Curry had not been charged with a crime at this point.

Curry then hired different attorneys who failed to help and finally, after many threats of criminal charges by the agencies Tom hired an attorney from a substantial law firm in Boston to represent him. After paying this attorney approximately $75,000, Curry was informed that the MDOR and the IRS were still going to prosecute him criminally and that he needed to accept their plea-bargain. This is the exact same scenario that countless Americans incur when they become at odds with the “Greatest Terrorist Organization” in history – the IRS. Curry was petrified at this point and decided to take his attorneys advice after having the hell scared out him with threats of many years in prison if he didn’t. At this point Curry was well aware that MDOR and the IRS were working hand in hand with Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Victor Wild to bring him to his knees.

After many tears and hours of stress, Tom Curry faced the fact that he had not intentionally committed any crimes - that he couldn’t lie and say he did something he didn’t do. He called his attorney and instructed him to withdraw the extorted plea agreement. He then fired the attorney, whose reported response was, “don’t do this to me”.

AUSA Victor Wild now ramps up his pressure on Curry, threatening him with a Grand Jury Indictment. Wild has continued his attempt to force Curry into a plea agreement and is currently preparing a Grand Jury in Boston to indict Tom Curry. This will be an easy task for Victor Wild as he will be in total control of the jury, however, there is now one huge difference – America will what he is doing to the Curry family…

Not satisfied with over 12 years of destructive actions against Curry; not satisfied with forcing Curry to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending himself; not interested in allowing Curry to correct his returns, which Curry has attempted to do for the last 7-8 years, Wild has now threatened to arrest Stella Curry and charge her criminally, because she attempted to help Tom with his heavy work load for the past 4-5 years. Her work included billing customers and answering phone calls – she had nothing whatsoever to do with taxes. This is exactly what abusive people in government do when they are bent on destroying someone. This is exactly what the IRS teaming with prosecutors have done in a countless number of cases – charge the wife, in order to force the husband to plead guilty. What freedom, what justice…

Tom Curry has hired Lawyer Michael Minns to defend him and the US~Observer fully intends to let each and every person in Suffolk County Massachusetts know the entire truth about the evil attacks by totally out-of-control government officials and tax agents against an exemplary Curry family. I know many fine, patriotic people from Boston and I know they are not going to appreciate the destruction Tom and Stella Curry and their wonderful, young daughters.

The US~Observer commends Tom Curry for taking a stand against the abusive thieves at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. For these agencies to attempt to ruin a great American and his wonderful family when he has made every attempt to be reasonable and pay his taxes is unacceptable, in fact it is pure evil.

In closing, all of our readership should work hard to do away with these criminals who steal from each and every one of us and everyone should be very careful when they hear the words, you aren’t legally required to pay the income tax.

Call US Prosecutor Victor Wild and demand he settles this situation rather than prosecute a man so willing to be reasonable and pay his taxes – 617-748-3100. It's time to act. Call today.

“New” IRS Abuse is the Same Old Story
Time to Demand Their Accountability to Us

By US~Observer Staff

Here we go again, or rather, it just keeps on going...

The IRS, the same agency whose lavish trips on the tax-payers dime and discrimination against conservative groups who applied for tax-exempt status, is up to its old tricks threatening criminal charges against people who for years have sought to work out their back tax issues.

“It seems like they just aren't interested in working out a tax debt, but rather want to criminalize people for their personal beliefs,” says Edward Snook, editor-in-chief of the US~Observer.

Tom Curry is a reasonable man who doesn't push his beliefs on others. He simply works hard and wants to be left alone. He doesn't believe in victimless crimes. He also doesn't believe it is right for a government to continually fund other countries while our citizens are put to ever increasing task to pay for it.

When Curry was taken in by the works of Irwin Schiff, an anti-tax evangelist, he believed so whole-heartedly in what Schiff was selling that he stopped filing his taxes; believing that it was a completely voluntary system of taxation.

After being contacted by the IRS and informed he did have to file and pay his taxes, he decided not to fight them and he set about hiring several individuals to file his returns and also to run the administration of his Boston based landscaping and snow removal business.

The IRS kicked back his returns as fraudulent. They also set the tax debt to Curry's gross income, and priced it beyond any possibility of payment.

It didn't stop Curry from trying. He hired tax settlement negotiators.

Acting in good faith, however, didn't stop the raids on Curry's home, or the confiscation of personal belongings, or the threats of charges against his wife who loosely worked for the business.

And, it hasn't stopped U.S. Prosecutor Victor Wild from seeking to imprison a man who reasonably has tried to work it all out.

It's time to demand accountability – to act. Call US Prosecutor Victor Wild's office and demand he settles this situation rather than prosecute a man so willing to be reasonable and pay his taxes – 617-748-3100.

The US~Observer has written up all of the details regarding Curry's predicament. You can read it here.

The US~Observer is a nationwide newspaper that focuses on innocent victims of false prosecution. They utilize each of their editions as a tool to secure the vindication of their clients. Their website is www.usobserver.com.

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Laws are for the Lawful

You can't win against an unlawful entity using law if that entity is part of the federal government. They will simply change the rules or act in an authoritarian manner, totally disregarding the law. This is how it has worked for 100 years now.

The IRS is part of the wealth re-distribution system which moves money out of the hands of workers, savers, and small business and puts it in the hands of investors and big business. If you want to benefit and not lose, you have to switch roles or take on multiple roles. Stop being 'only' a worker or saver and also adopt investment and you will see that what is being taxed is simply money that is not 'circulating'. The system demands that everybody move money around since its economic philosophy demands a high velocity of money in order to function.

If they have to scare you into "volunteering" they have nothing.

His right to keep the fruits of his labors have been violated. Alexander Hamilton started it with the Whisky Rebellion when he robbed farmers to pay off his cronies.

The IRS turns a right into a privilege and charges a tax to those earning a living.


Looks like government have colluded to deny his right to earn a living (pursuit of happiness). They have worked to extort with threats of prosecution and have stolen personal property without a warrant.

Help comes to them that help themselves. Carl Miller discusses the Constitution and shows how no one knows their own case better.

He has argued many cases pro se. He discusses the risks. Carl has a couple of hours of youtubes. I listen to them every year preparing for potential future troubles.

Free includes debt-free!

Yea, they dont define

Yea, they dont define voluntary like everyone else does. They will prosecute you and take your money anyway.
Just another illusion of choice.

Its not so easy to simply not pay. Sounds like this guy is being made an example of though. My only question is where the heck did he get all his money from if he had to spend so much to counter them? For that amount he could have simply fled the country with his family and started a new life somewhere else.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


They will go after you overseas. There is no real escape. US citizens are in worse shape tax-wise than anybody else on the planet. For starters, you'd have to toss your citizenship and find another tax free country to take you in, which is not the easiest thing to do even if you have a few bucks.

Why flee the country

This story is about me here it has been going on forever. I had several businesses going at the same time and was able to make some $ with real estate as well.

Ah, ok. Yea, seems like they

Ah, ok.

Yea, seems like they are trying to make an example. I dont have much advice except to hope you find someone who knows how to help.

As for fleeing the country, there are a few places like in South America where those with a bit of money can get off to a very good start because their currencies are weak compared to the dollar(relativaly speaking) its always an option to start over.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.