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IRELAND denies US arrest warrant for Snowden!

"On Saturday, the High Court of Ireland refused to grant a provisional arrest warrant for Edward Snowden, citing an inadequately written request from the United States. The judgment appears to have been published publicly for the first time on Monday."


Above is the link. Me thinks the Irish are wanting to back down & not support the Super Tyrant on this, or at the least, they are hedging.

Edward, if this team was ready with a private jet, could take advantage of this opportunity and fly from Moscow to Murmansk, Russia north and around Finland, Sweden & Norway over to Ireland, or do a stopover in Africa, refuel & go straight to Venezuela from there. Logistics with an experienced pilot would know if they could do it easily, or not, with the type of plane they have.

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watching . . .

with interest.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Not sure posting a flight itinerary is helpful to Edward.

We would be better off creating a money bomb for Snowden, like we did for Ron back in 2008, or a petition to the world to protect our hero while we recall and impeach the traitors.

"Illegl" Money Bomb?

Don't know. Contributors might be subject to some sort of fed prosecution.

Don't think any money bomb

would be illegal, since he hasn't been convicted in a court of law.

I think there might be a way to donate to the Wikileaks group, but Edward Snowden, I think, is probably already getting mega-donations from wealthy patriots right now.

Money Bomb of support

Excellent idea!

Is this the

take down of the illusion of governments world wide?

I'm liking this.

"They didn't do the paperwork" because they DON'T want Snowden.

They don't want him arrested, at least. They fear this thing going to court. Better that he settle in some Latin-American country, so they can send in a "wet-work" team and finish him.

Considering how incompetent the Feds are, that could turn out

like it did on "Horrible Bosses" in this scene:


Knowing Snowden a hero to the

Knowing Snowden a hero to the betrayed powers of the world is why ES is safe from assassination. The damage can no longer be contained. US powers only hope the damage does not spread further. Oh, but the damage will spread further with each passing hour. This situation goes way beyond Snowden now. Revenge is a dish best served cold. This situation will be very costly for many players.

They didnt do the paperwork

They didnt do the paperwork correctly in China either. This must mean something.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Venezuela is Waiting for Snowden

.....is the most recent headline right now...


"The country, along with Bolivia and Nicaragua, had earlier indicated that they'd grant asylum to Snowden if asked. On Monday, Venezuela acknowledged the receipt of his request for them to do so, bringing the whistleblower a plane ride away from a welcoming country. Meanwhile, the U.S. has already sent them their extradition request for Snowden, because it's always a good idea to get a little ahead of your work load. According to RT, Snowden's request reasons that: "it is unlikely I would receive a fair trial or proper treatment [in the US]," adding that a return home comes with the “possibility of life in prison or even death.”

Now all Snowden has to do is get on a plane from Moscow (
The Atlantic Wire's Philip Bump figured out those details for him in case he needs some tips), hope that Cuba's support comes with safe passage, in the likely event that the leaker's plane needs to stop in Cuba on the way to his final destination, and, you know, live in the country of his choice indefinitely. "

It takes GUTS to stand up to the American Tyrants

....but some are doing it. Perhaps, Ireland is thinking we might just give this kid a break for what he did in risking his life. Ireland knows all about government domination. They know what it means to risk one's life for what you believe in. They see the unselfishness of Edward Snowden. So~~

They found a few things "wrong" and "not understanding" about the warrant the US submitted.

A Plane should be there on Stand-by

to take advantage of these "green flags"!

Hurry up! It takes time for the US to respond. We need a private jet, though.