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Oops, Rand Paul can’t remember 3rd reason Rick Perry could be president

Senator Rand Paul didn’t miss a beat when delivering a dead-pan joke regarding his thoughts on Gov. Rick Perry running for president.


I don’t know what I’ve decided yet, but if Governor Perry decides to run for president, I think there are three good reasons he could be president. You know, Texas is a big, successful state, he’s a long-term governor, uh, I can’t remember the third one. – Rand Paul

The full interview dealt mostly with Senator Paul’s reaction to the Obama administration refusing to call the coup in Egypt a ‘coup.’ Full interview:

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This is actually a big

This is actually a big compliment, but Rand kind of reminds you of Bill Clinton in the way that he feels "down-home" and sort of "comforting" in the way that he talks.. like during this.. he kind of has charisma.. not in your face.. and I think that could make all the difference in getting elected.

Full Interview

Rand is pretty much our only

Rand is pretty much our only hope for the GOP to have any relevance in 2016. Jeb Bush will be a great way to hand a victory to Hillary. Thre is not a single voter in America that is not over 55 and tapes Bill Oreilly every day that will vote for another Bush.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Ron Paul Ran Circles Around Him

Ron Paul ran circles around Perry and Romney during the debates: you can see on their faces they have no idea what happened in other countries, especially before they were born.

If the "press" had been doing their jobs, Ron Paul would have exposed their ignorance to everyone--because Perry certainly would not have been able to answer a follow up question.

Rand, you can bet, has been paying attention to history, and will be similarly well-versed.

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Slick Rick

has one huge problem.

Slick, talks like Boosh, walks like Boosh and appears even a little dumber than Boosh.

Jeb Boosh will not win the nomination.

I think Rand's chances of winning the GOP nomination are excellent.

Unfortunately, I believe TPTB are going to back Hitlery...and they have Diebold on their side.

For those who don't remember :)

Or just want to view the oops moment again Rand was referring to :P

That was painful even for Paul supporters

I'm sure the other candidates even wanted to fall through the floor - I think the whispers you hear (from Mitt?) really are the other guys wanting to help out cause this makes them all look stupid--minus Paul, of course!

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eric looks like a pumpkin

He is more orange than john boner

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.



Does anyone else suspect that

Does anyone else suspect that the reason Rand gets such a great amount of air time on Fox is because they're lining him up to be veep to Jeb, the elitist that they REALLY want to head the GOP 2016 ticket?

I think they think can end the growing populist libertarian threat by giving Rand the meaningless 2nd slot, thinking Rand will then bring along enough libertarian votes to, if not put Jeb over the top, at least to cement enough of those awakened by Ron Paul into the GOP mainstream to allow the elites to hold off the growing populist revolt.

From here, in mid 2013, 2016 looks like it's gonna be: Jeb/Rand vs Hillary/populist progressive like Elizabeth Warren (since the Dems have some populist problems of their own)

In which case I'll just end my misery and shoot myself.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

makes sense

and i've mentioned it before. or how about perry/paul then rand would have to say oh sorry there rick i was only joshing you. then again rubio could get that veep slot. all of those possibilities are about as exciting as that video of karl rove dancing/rapping at some horrible event.

Simpler Than That

They're thinking, "if Rand becomes a candidate" we want to be on his good side so we can scoop the competition. They're thinking, "he could become president" and we really want to be on his good side. They're thinking, "he gives us good ratings--remember the filibuster?"

TV executives aren't complicated.

I'm willing to concede there could be some long-view political manipulation at the top somewhere, but that's not how the anchors, producers, and researchers think.

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It's going to be Scott Walker of WI...

Here's an example of why I know this to be true:

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I would never vote for Jeb

I would never vote for Jeb Bush, but look on the hypothetical bright side. The VP seems to be the man who has actually had the most influence on policy over the last 12+ years. I would be even more terrified if Rand was president & Jeb was VP.

No Bush.

Never... Don't care who his running mate is.

right on...

Rand is much more diplomatic or smooth in politics than Ron. I cant put my finger on it.. but I like it. Rand is sincere without patronizing. Thats tough to pull off.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I caught that interview.

I caught that interview. Rand's a funny guy. Some people have functional memories.