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HELP! Major Email Take-over?

One of the major 3 free email providers who merged their search engine with one of the other two a month or so ago, has now redirected all their email users to a new email version that many don't want. They must also agree to the following that is not easily seen:

"This includes the acceptance of automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content..."

So, why is this company still in business if they're throwing it all away?

How do all these people get their emails back? Some go back 15+ years.

How do users revolt to get their email back the way it was?

Suggestions for free, spy-free email provider with easy basic interface?

Waiting to see how much news this gets in next 24-48 hrs.


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Uhhhh who are the 3 companies?

This is interesting, I'd like to know. I'm currently using a provider called Hushmail. Most private I can find, as far as free services go.

There are 3 major free email providers?

Is it a secret?

Free includes debt-free!