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Michael Hastings Crash Investigation Heats Up

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Darpa talks about hacking cars


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Forget the argument

of whether a bomb was involved. The question we should be asking is this.

We are told that Hasting's car was going very fast, possibly as much as 100 mph. If that is true, then that in itself would be suicidal.

The question is, why was Michael Hastings trying to commit suicide?

Or was he?

Engine Ejected Forward

See these images for reference:

N. Highland Ave & direction Hastings was traveling: http://farganne.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/aerial_crash_bea...

Location of palm tree and final resting place of motor & transmission: http://farganne.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/engine_loc_maps.jpg

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Thanks for photos but can you give a reference?

This reporter was on the scene and says engine was back behind the direction in which the car was traveling.

You say forward. Can you tell us how you know that?



Refers to direction vehicle was traveling, where the motor landed and compares with other collisions with a tree.

The tree is pretty scarred. Notice that in other accidents the tree does not shear off. A telephone pole would shear(dead/dry & small diameter). A live tree with a wide trunk can handle the impact of a vehicle which is mostly air and sheet metal designed to crumple and absorb an impact.

BTW - I do not promote anything that is said by the author on this blog. It is the source for the photos posted above and they check out. The rest of the post goes into a number of theories.


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I'd like to see the

I'd like to see the difference between this fire and a simulated burn of 18 gallons of 92 octane fuel.
I know Mercedes says they take great care to prevent explosions but with enough kinetic energy physics is going to win and rupture a tank full of gas like a water balloon
The kinetic energy displaced in a 100MPH crash is 4x more severe than 50MPH. Or about the same as being dropped off the side of a 40 story building. It would be an engineering marvel for a full tank of gas to survive that.

If the temperature of Hasting's fire was significantly higher than 18 gallons of 92 octane fuel splattered all over a another burning car then I am inclined to believe another explosive was used.
From the looks of things the only untainted evidence we will have access to is the video. Is it possible to measure temperature from this type of video?

The witness interviewed by

The witness interviewed by Infowars, who I find very credible, said she heard a single loud boom and looked out the window to see the car. If there had been an explosion before the accident, she would have heard another boom when the car hit the tree.

I watched the video of the

I watched the video of the accident and interviews with the witnesses. Having seen many accident scenes over my lifetime, I really can't find anything suspicious about this accident. I'm not sure why certain reports aren't being released, but I doubt you will find anything in those reports confirms your conspiracy theories.

I watched the video too

It was a news report about how there were some very unusual things about this accident. Hopefully your comment was directed at the tv station who is questioning this accident.
I have friends who are firefighters and they have seen TONS of accidents, none of them have said this one is normal. I have no conspiracy theory but I'm not averse to investigations just because they might reveal something uncomfortable to me.
If it does turn out to be unusual and god-forbid involved foul play, will you have the intellectual honesty to say you were wrong, or will you just disappear like so many others who have learned that conspiracy theories often turn out to be true?

I've been reading conspiracy

I've been reading conspiracy after conspiracy on this website for years, and haven't seen a single one turn out to be true. In this case, there are accidents every day that look like the one in the Hastings video. There's nothing suspicious about it at all. But if anything comes to light, by all means, we should always try to seek the truth.

Nothing suspicious? According

Nothing suspicious?

According to friends, the guy drove like a grandma yet according to eye witnesses, the car, driven by a young man not known to be in poor health, was traveling as fast as the car could go.

Then there's the email to friends about being under the eye of the FBI.

That's all putting aside the physics of the crash itself.

Sorry, but in an honest and rational layman's view of this "accident" there's PLENTY of suspicion.

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So the Government says no foul play

Yet they will not release the accident report. If they state that after their initial investigation they declare no foul play seems that hiding or not allowing anyone to see the report that leads them to the statment about now foul play.

Somting is rotten in Denmark or LA.


Did she say the engine and drive train flew backwords?

150 to 200 feet? That would be in the opposite direction of the momentum of the vehicle. Really?

It could have slingshotted

It could have slingshotted backwards if the last remaining link was the driveshaft. A car hitting a tree does bounce back a little. This combined with the 5000RPM of stored energy it could have rolled backwards. This assumes that the engine mounts and transmission mounts took the brunt of the deceleration prior to being peeled away from the drivetrain as the tree disintegrated the the car.
Others and a scientist on this forum disagree but this is the only plausible explanation I can think of. An explosion powerful enough to rip an engine from a car 200 ft surely would have left much more evidence.

The Micheal Hastings debacle

heats up... the Eward Snowden smoke screen gets thicker! Wonder who is the REAL whistle blower?

I do agree with you

Snow job is the term that comes to my mind. All of these puppet of Rothschild, governments are shills who participate in the evil puppet show. Distract the audience while they rob, cheat, steal, and murder the audience.

Follow the money always leads to only one name.


the investigation

would heat up a lot more if thousands...or millions of people would put pressure on Mercedes to explain why their cars spontaneously combust...or blow up. Seems that Mercedes would have an interest in protecting their interest.

Mercedes did respond

They offered assistance with the investigation because their cars just do NOT blow up. They take insane special measures to assure that just does not happen and they are reviewing everything with that model.

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I just sent an inquiry to Mercedes


Stop by the Dealership?


Free includes debt-free!

no - email

so that the NSA could have a copy :)

My guess is the accident scene looks

a lot like a car that's came in contact with a drone and a hellfire missile.

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is a really scarey thought

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As well as retarded

As well as retarded

Good clip - thanks for posting!


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