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World Wide Arrest Warrants for Obama and bush!

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This should have 100 thumbs

This should have 100 thumbs up and lots of praise. This really made me feel better.. Also, much sorrow over the many people that have been victims of all of this mess. Unimaginable.

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Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Bush can't travel?

He was just in Africa.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


except for England & maybe Germany, and that must be why these lawsuits, these "charges" go nowhere, because the US has spent/stolen so much money from us to propagate these illegal wars that they can't fight them physically which is apparently what it would take.

German Leaders are foolish to go down this path of TREACHERY & EXECUTIONS, aiding and abetting the Super Tyrant, because I believe it will end badly for them some day. Evil cannot reign over goodness forever.

The best thing the rest of

The best thing the rest of the world could do is reject all foreign aid, force all US bases out of their countries , and turn their backs on the US as much as possible.

This won't get anywhere.

This won't get anywhere.

Just the thought of the Bush administration

and Obama thugs shittin' their drawers for the rest of their lives (stuck in the hell whole they destroyed) gets me all excited. WOOT!


I have chills! The Bush Administration can't TRAVEL!!! LOL!

Sometimes yes jes gots to holla.

Thanks, Chucktacular.

No problem!



While I support these efforts 100% to bring all the Bush & Obama War Criminals to justice, unfortunately I don't belive a lone lawyer or two has any power to bring them to justice.

So this is mostly a symbolic step (which in of itself is desirable), but not to be confused with any real justice.

There is no European Government or any other Government that would defy the power of The United States Government, The CIA, to this extent and actually try to prosecute any of these people. They would immediately invite, and have reason to fear a Military response, if even one of these guys was ever apprehended. The truth is, as a Government, they will not even recognize any conclusions that are unflattering to them. Only with the progressive (socialist) Latin American Nations, do you see any real defiance of U.S. Leaders. But even these Countries would not dare to actually arrest any U.S. Leader.

Even recently George W. Bush had freely traveled abroad to Spain (I believe). So these criminals can travel anywhere they like because they have security protections and arrangements around them, (and the CIA can always spring into action if needed). We've all seen Dick Cheney walking around in various places with that sly grin on his face, with some heckler being heard way off in the distance. He is not worried. He surrounded by protection. Not only is his safety assured, but his comfort and his privileged treatment is also assured.

Remember when the story was planted that Saddam Hussein was planning to "assasinate George H. W. Bush" in the 1990s? Bill Clinton dropped some extra bombs on Iraq as a result (even though Bush was never in any harm). So once again, just imagine if there was a real arrest or a real indictment? Bombs would go off.

So sorry but this is just wishful thinking.

Nothing will ever happen to these people.

Only one way to spell warrant-checked the online dictionary ( :

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war rants beget warrants, and

low rents bring more ants.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Worth watching

What will POTUS and bush do? They can not leave the US.