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Ron Paul Group speaks against Dearborn garage rules

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Excerpt from article...

The trend, popular among Dearborn's Arab and Muslim communities, to convert garages into quasi-living spaces and indoor patios has a new defender from proposed city restrictions -- the Ron Paul-founded Campaign For Liberty spoke against the ordinance at a Dearborn Planning Commission meeting Monday night.

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this is silly--

always more regulations--

we've been gradually 'creeping' our garden into our front yard, very cautiously--

it's pathetic how 'standard' American culture glorifies the use of chemicals and noisy, stinky lawnmowers, but those who grow food in their front yards are 'suspect'--

This is a similar thing, I believe--

American ethnocentrism hard at work--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Check this site out,

it warns you how all of this "creeping regulation" comes into being.