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Damaging Staffer Admission: Rand Paul Is Just Playing A Game

Damaging Staffer Admission: Rand Paul Is Just Playing A Game

Matt K. Lewis - BLOG
11:28 AM 07/09/2013

The Free Beacon is out with a tough piece on a Rand Paul staffer who has a rather colorful past.

Frankly, this sort of thing is why I warned back in January that Paul would have a hard time winning a general election. But while most people will focus on Jack Hunter’s past “neo-Confederate sympathies,” arguably the most damaging part of the story comes toward the end, where Hunter seems to confess that Rand Paul is in the process of conning the pro-Israel lobby, neoconservatives, and other mainstream conservatives. Here’s an excerpt that might prove especially damaging:

“When libertarians and paleoconservatives balked at Paul’s remark last January that “any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States,” Hunter downplayed the comment as a ‘little rhetorical concession’ and said the senator was ‘play[ing] the game.’

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/09/damaging-staffer-admission...

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It's not any ordinary game.

It's not any ordinary game. It's three level chess. I'm glad more and more people are learning how to play the game.

You need to know something of how to play the game of three level chess.

Our Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) control everything. You have to use a wealth of knowledge and well played strategy to out maneuver those control freaks in that cesspool they call the establishment. Makes me vomit at what we have to put up with. You must be very careful with the words that come out of your mouths, lest you be absolutely squired by the main stream media making our chances of ever achieving anything null and void.

I’ll give you an example of the the game that must be played;

Example of failure to execute:

“Upset that Republican Carl Paladino disavowed portions of the speeches he made at two Brooklyn synagogues on Sunday, Rabbi Yehuda Levin on Wednesday withdrew his support for the candidate.

“If he continues on this path, not only can’t I vote for him, but I will call on all religious people to write in ‘morality’ or something like that [on the ballot],” said Rabbi Levin in a phone interview.”

My words of advice for all US patriots running for major public office; Make sure you do your obligatory Israel Lobby/ADL ass licking statements just like many current Congress people have done. You will not get on TV for name recognition advertising if you don’t.

It is preferable to say good things about Israel for the ADL and the Israel Lobby when you're a candidate running for high public office. Embellish everything you can think of like a lap dog. Go over the top with your Israeli ass licking statements. You can always turn your back on them in your own way after you are elected into the office and become an America firster. You must also be prepared never to say anything disparaging “in the Zionist peoples mind” that would offend them. Work the system doing an end run around them and play it smart.

Sort of like this;

Saturday Night Live - Dress Rehearsal C-Span Chuck Hagel Hearings

Alana Goodman is a hyper-neocon

The woman who wrote the hit piece on Jack Hunter writes for Commentary, a neocon publication. She's also wrote for the Weekly Standard.

And she's a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars...just kidding!

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Considering the free beacon is a neo-con rag

I wouldn't worry about it.

If Rand is pissing off the neo-cons, that can only be good.

What's the

big deal?

This is EXACTLY what I said to those who jumped all over Rand Paul for that comment.

Do you want Rand Paul elected or not? If so then you have to realize to have any chance of being seen as legitimate by the GOP he has to voice a pro Israel position.

Some of that is word play. Rand Paul has said REPEATEDLY he believes the President does NOT have power to go to war without a declaration from congress. So when Rand makes the comment an attack on Israel is treated as an attack on the U.S. what does he mean? Obviously Israel is NOT the U.S. so as president he CAN'T unilaterally retaliate. If the people through congress want a war over it, then that's constitutional, but that's different. Rand Paul could mean it's an attack on U.S. economic or diplomatic interests, for example. Yes, politics is often about word play. If you want to WIN you have to allow for that.

It is simply false to claim

It is simply false to claim that a candidate must fib about his or her real feelings about Israel to win. George Bush Sr. took on the Israel lobby, and did not suffer for it, unless you assume that enough Jews in Florida would have voted for him and not Clinton had he not stood up to Israel on the settlements issue. But Florida went for Bush, so not sure if even that argument holds water. What we need is a politician who has the guts to unrelentingly stand up to the Israel lobby. The problem is that even Ron Paul was too timid on this issue. People sense nervousness in politicians and it makes them think the candidate, rather than the media, has the problem.

I so wish that Rand would bring up the "dancing Israelis" (who failed polygraph tests and had explosives in their vans) and the fact that workers for an Israeli front company were found with illegal passes to the lower levels of the WTC a week prior to 9/11. They were doing unauthorized "repairs" folks!

Who says it's

a fib? He might really believe an attack on Israel is an attack on U.S. interests.

He might also believe an attack on Mexico or Canada is treated as an attack on the U.S. because of their proximity and the economic trade we have. This doesn't mean he would go to war as if the U.S. was attacked. It only means U.S. interests are harmed.

Then he doesn't deserve my

Then he doesn't deserve my vote. How are Israel's interests in sync with ours? Israel has been our greatest liability for years. And Israel WAS involved with 9/11.


is not just one set of people.

You can't lump everyone together. As has been pointed out people like Ludwig von Mises and Peter Schiff I believe too are Jewish. A country is many things. The U.S. is hated in many places around the world. Does that mean every American agrees with what we've done around the world for decades?

I'm not saying we should support Israel any more than we support anybody else. I'm just saying you can't lump everybody together so easily. There can be factions that take over things, just as has happened to us.

a ‘little rhetorical concession’ ?

Sounds like lying to me. Can't trust Rand. Perhaps he tells the Ron Paul folks he's with them, and conning the neocons. Then he tells the neocons he's with them and conning the Ron Paul folks. So, IF he becomes POTUS, he quits lying? No thanks.

AD in NV

Oh the Irony

Anyone else find it ironic that the Daily Caller is Tucker Carlson's website and he "claims" to be a libertarian? This article is stretching about as far as it can to attack the most libertarian member of Congress. Shouldn't the DC be writing favorable articles about libertarian politicians? Not surprised about this article. Just goes to show what a fraud Carlson is.

Jack Hunter is suffering from Jesse-itis.

He needs to STFU and keep his g-d mouth shut regarding his personal opinions about Paul family members.

It is wrong for Jack Hunter to gain media for himself by gossiping about his opinions on what Rand or any other Paul is doing. He is clearly personally capitalizing on his associations with the Pauls and he's exceeded his boundaries and needs to be cut loose and either go back to the humble intellectual he once was or disappear into the dustbin of the news.

What would Murray say?

The ends justify the means only if the means are not contradictory to the ends.
~Murray Rothbard

But apparently Rand is not 'playing the game' according to his spokesperson. An attack on Israel is an attack on the US. I wonder if the Israelis could take responsibility for their portion of the USGovt debt and become new victims of the IRS real soon. Oh...they don't have to pay?...we can just call it welfare and suck it up.

"US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers."