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Trial of Famous Whistleblower Largely Ignored

If anyone questions why Edward Snowden should not be captured and tried as an enemy combattant, you need look no further than the Bradley Manning case. You wouldn't know it from looking at the front page of the Daily Paul, but a man for whom Ron Paul himself has expressed admiration is currently on trial for exposing the costs of war to the world. However, because Manning's military tribunal is not well covered, even the members of the Daily Paul community have devoted more attention to George Zimmerman's trial than to Bradley Manning's trial. I suppose that being punished outside of the public eye is a pretty bad thing for a brave young man who is trying to wake America up. And I think that Edward Snowden knows that, so he tries to avoid the same fate.

Going forward, I hope to see increased coverage of Bradley Manning and heroes like him on the Daily Paul. If not, then I fear that Edward Snowden will also be ignored if he faces a military tribunal.

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The Bradley Manning Case deserves more attention.

Are their any journalists covering the Trial?

To understand Brad's treatment the record of the trial of Joan of Arc gives some clues.

Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.

Free includes debt-free!