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Iran brags about new military toys


So if the gist of the story is that there's no real evidence to back up the claims of new weapons why does Israel still want to bomb them?

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Israeli "concerns" about the

Israeli "concerns" about the "threat" from Iran developing nuclear power are not really about fear of being wiped off the map. Everyone knows Israel has several hundred nuclear weapons. Even Jimmy Carter admitted this recently.

Israel was whining about Iran being close to developing a nuclear weapon as early as the early 90s. The real cause for the over the top hysteria over the last decade is that Israel does NOT want to lose two things: its current nuclear monopoly in the Middle East (it wants to be the sole provider of nuclear technology to rogue regimes like North Korea, and America's rivals such as China. Second, like Turkey, it does not want to lose its current monopoly on an oil pipeline. Turkey possesses the oil pipline to Europe, while Israel holds the one to Asia. Several years ago, Iran, Iraq and Syria signed an agreement to construct a pipeline that would bypass both of these pipelines and truly lead to a power shift in the Middle East.



Do you REALLY think Israel has any cause for concern?