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Food - Red Dye # 40 found to cause ADHD

Red #40 dye is a common food color approved by the FDA, but if sprayed on weeds makes for a great pesticide.

(WZZM) - More than five million children in this country are diagnosed with ADHD, but how many of them truly have the disorder? Could some of those children be eating something that only makes them appear to have the condition?

Research has suggested a link between children who are hyper and appear to have ADHD, and Red Dye 40.

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Terrific info! Thanks for

Terrific info! Thanks for posting!

Red dye #40 is used most commonly in candy and soda

Removing candy and soda from the diet stops hyperactive behavior.


And no, a "causation" was not found. Sensationalist headline.

they did a placebo

with soda without te dye, bingo no hyper results in kids

No study has been that conclusive

The most damning study conducted basically concluded that "a link is possible."

European socialists tend to not hesitate to ban anything and everything. Their authoritarianism does not justify unquestionable acceptance of this claim.

Makes sense

That is, in the POWERADE Fruit Punch I am currently drinking.

I grew up with ADHD, so maybe I won't sleep tonight.


giving up the red based food and drink and see if you are more clear headed.