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Open Letter Request to President John Tate, C4L

President John Tate,

Many of the disenfranchised Tampa Republican National Delegates are still trying to address the illegitimate call of John Boehner over the 2012 RNC rules & bring the discussion before the body of the RNC. As they stand, the rules will have a detrimental impact on any grassroots candidate attempting the 2016 Republican presidential nomination & need to be reverted back to their less egregious form.

Back in January, you stated, “RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is right when he says the RNC ‘would be fools not to welcome in the liberty movement.’ Shoving the door in the face of millions of enthusiastic individuals who support limited government and individual liberty would put the final nail in the coffin of the Republican Party. If Chairman Priebus is serious about bringing these people into the Republican Party, then he should do everything he can to overturn the outrageous rules changes passed by the RNC at the convention in August and return the Republican Party to a Party run by grassroots activists rather than high-priced, out-of-touch DC consultants and lobbyists.”

There is a resolution to address these aspects that is being brought forward next month (Aug. 14) at the RNC summer meeting. Bringing this resolve forward is the only avenue in which to fully address all of the grievances with the 2012 Ginsberg rule change power grab. Would you consider supporting the resolution to restore the voice of the grassroots within the RNC, which calls upon the RNC to revert back to pre-Ginsberg rules entirely?

Thank you for your consideration of these urgent matters.

Nicole Revels - Carolina Liberty PAC

Bryan Daugherty - Maine National Delegate

Link to petition in support: http://tinyurl.com/restoreourvoice

Link to the resolution: http://tinyurl.com/ReadTheResolution

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What people did not catch that day in Tampa and more

Nicole,, Bryan,
almost no one payed attention at the RNC that day.
Rand Paul was named one of the officers that was responsible for the rules on the floor. I believe there were total of 4 officers named that day.No One to this day had asked him why he did not act.

The day before I found Jessie drinking with his wife in a bar instead of preparing for the event. When I asked him he simply said: " we have no one to know house rules for presidential nominee" therefore we will let it go.

I asked him based on his knowledge how many state the campaign has for nomination from the floor and he answered two.
What Jessie did not know was that I just came from a secret meeting
where we were trying to nominate Dr Paul(Bryan, I think you may have been at the same one). There were total of three meetings that night and the main requirement for anybody to end up on them was not to be part of c4l.
We just had zero trust in c4l that they will do anything. As they did.

And I kept Jessie for almost two hours that night to draw strategy after strategy to find out next day that he escaped from the floor when was the moment to act.

and I have spoken to John Tate before and after the august 28 2012 and he had no intention of fighting and was waiting for orders. John was very tired physically and emotionally.

In Liberty

Boehner reading the telepromter

Here is the video I took from the floor at the RNC I caught Boehner reading the teleprompter. Notice as Boehner is asking all opposed say nay the teleprompter is scrolling up the ayes have it. It was rigged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77W5OKStO5s

Duane Taylor C4L Eugene

Ugh, you had to go and open

Ugh, you had to go and open this scab again. My disgust for the GOP organization has returned...

Southern Agrarian

Rinse Penis was /is hired for one main purpose:

To weaken if not destroy the Liberty movement and centralize power.

He's on the payroll of the PTB. He will consolidate power of the criminal GOP while putting on a "I'm your friend" face to the naive in the Liberty movement. Watch what they DO not what they say. He's criminal like the rest, working for the bankers, just as Obombya is.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Curious as to what happened at the Spring RNC Meeting?

What Did Pass the RNC
Henry Barbour Smoke Screen Amendment
An amendment to the language of rule 16 (a) 2. The argument in favor of the amendment is that it was necessary in order to ease fears that future presidential candidates may have the ability to exercise veto power over elected delegates. Recall, however, that the RNC Rules Committee had struck the “presidential veto powers” aspect before the 2012 rules went to a final vote before the delegation back in Tampa, making this amendment unnecessary. The passed amendment also includes a loophole to the presidential veto powers prohibition, stating that the presidential candidate may exercise veto-power over the delegates in circumstances where individual states’ rules allow for it.

What Did Not Pass the RNC
Jeff Johnson Amendment Striking 16 (a) 1
Rule 16 (a) 1, one of the 2012 power-grabs, effectively undermines the purpose of the caucus process. The rule binds RNC delegates to the results of the state’s presidential straw poll or preference poll, essentially turning the caucus states into primary states, and making the campaign process much more expensive for candidates working to win the vote within those states. The Johnson Amendment would have completely eradicated this rule, giving the power back to the most active grassroots participants of the early-voting caucus states. While the Johnson amendment passed the rules committee with great support (by a vote of 39 to 20), the amendment was sent to the general session for a final vote, where it failed before the entire body of the RNC by a vote of 107 – 49.

After the adjournment of the general session, an email was sent to the RNC committee members (on behalf of Reince Priebus) recapping the vote results. This email portrayed the failure of the Johnson Amendment as a positive, stating that the amendment would have allowed for “beauty pageant” presidential nominations. That Reince Priebus considers the caucus process to be a beauty pageant is an insult to the states who have a history and tradition of trusting their most active and informed grassroots activists to exercise personal discretion in representing their state.

Morton Blackwell Amendment
Morton Blackwell’s amendment called for the RNC rules 1-11 & 13-25 to revert back to their 2008 form. The amendment failure was especially devastating to the grassroots because of the fact that two rules committee members were the deciding factor in killing this amendment in committee, rather than bringing the amendment forward for discussion before the entire body of the RNC. The amendment failed by a rules committee vote of 25 – 28.

Some note-worthy aspects of the Blackwell Amendment failure:
Committee member Nicolee Ambrose was appointed to be MD’s representative to the rules committee, but in late March she learned that she had been replaced by Louis Pope, a strong proponent for the power grab rule changes. It is reasonable to think that there was some level of maneuvering from those with top-down interests involved in that decision.

NC committee member Ada Fisher voted against the Blackwell Amendment, stating that she was confused about the situation, not informed enough to make such a decision pertaining to the rules, and wanted to take more time later on to go over the rules individually. However, she also stated that she had received over 200 emails relaying to her the importance of voting in favor of the Blackwell amendment. Dr. Fisher’s vote came as a surprise to many North Carolina delegates who were under the impression that she would be voting in favor of the amendment, and were even petitioning the committee woman to take measures further than what was entailed in the Blackwell Amendment. Her “no” vote also countered a resolution passed by the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee, calling upon NC committee members to take action to revert back to 2008 rules.

These two votes killed the amendment on the spot. There is also an argument to be made that NC’s Dr. Fisher was the sole deciding factor on the Blackwell amendment failure, for had she stood for the grassroots of her state and made a statement in support of Blackwell’s amendment, rather than opposing the amendment, perhaps even more would have joined the right side.