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Party Crashing 'Hansens Hotspots' - Video


(This is my first attempt at videotaping and publishing my activism, so please excuse the lack of polish.)

Story: Michigan's Elected Republican representatives publicly 'oppose' Obamacare at the Federal level. Yet, my 34th district senator 'Goeff Hansen' has voted for state level Obamacare exchanges.

Currently, there is a bill for Medicaid expansion (hb4714) that passed the House of Representatives and is going to the Senate. Once it passed the house, just about every conservative group stood up and put pressure on their elected State Senators to the point where the Senate adjourned for a vacation in a stunt to go home and garner support for this bill.

In the video, I go on a 'RINO hunt' and question my Senator where he stands on these issues.

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To the producer

Its a NO NO in the video world to shoot in portrait and a major pet peeve of mine.

Use landscape from now on.

I understand this. I actually

I understand this. I actually recently went out and bought a nice $400 camera. When this took place I kind of winged it. Definitely a learning lesson.

Thanks for the input though ;]

Just a quick update. The

Just a quick update. The Michigan Senate has moved the 'medicaid expansion' bill hb 4714 out of committee, along with 3 other senate bills introduced by republicans that do 'a little bit less' than the hardcore bill proposed by the house. It is predicted the vote will come up sometime this month.

It is my belief that this was the gameplan from the beginning. It will 'save face' for the repubs by voting against the democrat proposed medicaid expansion, while saying that 'had' to pass something to comply with the mandates set forth by the feds, and it might as well be the 'toned down' version.

In the end, Michigan taxpayers suffer.

reference: http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/18946