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Fox news panel laughs at the idea that government should fear the people

Anthony Gucciardi
Story Leak
Tue, 09 Jul 2013 04:13 CDT

After labeling NSA leaker Edward Snowden a traitor and a terrorist, the Fox News Watch panel exploded with laughter at the very notion that the government should fear the people.

Right after one panelist devilishly referenced the concept that the government should fear the people as a joke, even referencing the concept as tracing back to Thomas Jefferson, the crew couldn't stop from laughing at the very idea that the people are meant to keep the government in check. And of course it is an idea that is fundamental to not only upholding the Constitution itself (the fabric of our nation), but to keep the continuous threat of absolute corruption and tyranny in check.

Should Government Have Absolute Power?

But apparently Fox News thinks the government should be able to reign throughout the People's Republic of America without any form of checks and balances, all while arresting all whistleblowers like Edward Snowden in the process. An amazing declaration for a news channel that at least pretends it is on the side of the conservative America population that actually considers the Constitution to be highly important.

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It's worth laughing at

Anyone who believes in the fairy tale of government deserves to be laughed at. Here, follow this train of thought logically for a second.

You think that the people who are the government should be afraid of you, the 'citizen', because if they, the government, 'step out of line' you'll do what exactly?

Vote them out? Laughable, because that has NEVER worked, and can NEVER work. When in the history of government here in the US has there ever been a sweeping change in DC that has brought in a new crop of politicians who wiped all the unconstitutional legislation from existence? Where in history is the record of the president who wiped all the E.O.'s out and declared that there will be no more E.O.'s? Like I said...it's laughable to think you're going to threaten the people in control by voting. Perhaps you think it's time to start shooten yer '6' guns, shotguns, and rifles then? Well, surely you must be insane if you think that you're going to go up against the most aggressive, best armed, and best trained military the world has ever seen with the pop toys you mistakenly believe that the founding fathers were referring to as 'arms'. And this ignores the fact that despite the fact that the majority of people disagree with what government is doing the majority of people still believe that government not only has a right to do these things, but needs to. You'll be nothing but a bug on the windshield as all 'our' brave men & women in LE come to 'protect and serve' 'the people' by 'taking care of you'. No, shooting at them is most certainly not the solution, and the people laughing at you can and will continue to do so with impunity knowing that the majority of 'the people' will believe that you 'had it coming' when you're either killed or locked in a cage. Lastly, I suppose you could just try to get along and slide under the radar. That's still worthy of a chuckle though. I laugh whenever someone says proudly 'I don't pay taxes!'. Really? Do you buy things here in the US? Do you have a home or rent? Do you own a vehicle and drive it? The taxes that are taken affect the prices of everything you buy. You're paying taxes whether or not you like it, so 'laying low' to 'avoid the man' is a joke too.

Those are the 3 options that most people believe that they are limited to, and all of the 3 end up in the same place with you being worthy of being laughed at as none of them will make you free. There is a 4th though, and it is the only one which those in control should rightfully fear as it is the only option which would break their grasp on you and the control over your life you give them. That option is to stop believing the lie that you have any right to vote someone else into a position of authority over your neighbors. You don't have that right any more than your neighbors have the right to vote someone into a position of authority over you. When enough people realize this those laughing at you for thinking that they ought to be afraid of you will stop laughing and actually be afraid.

Why do you suppose the idea that true self governance, anarchy, is so maligned? 'We' can't just let people think that they have a right to run their own lives now, can 'we'?