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Fingers in the Dam

Many of us, at least, vaguely recall the story of the young Dutch boy, Hans Brinker – The Hero of Haarlem. Hans is the fabled child that saved his community from an impending flood by placing his finger in a leaking dike. An excerpt from the tale reads:

Trudging stoutly along the canal, he noticed how the autumn rains had swollen the waters. Even while humming his careless, childish song, he thought of his father’s brave old gates and felt glad of their strength, for, thought he, ‘If they gave way, where would Father and Mother be? These pretty fields would all be covered with the angry waters – Father always calls them the angry waters. I suppose he thinks they are mad at him for keeping them out so long.’

In the case of Hans, the water that stood behind the dam threatened to inflict great harm upon the people of Haarlem. No one desired such a flood. No demand existed. Nowadays, however, there is demand – but not for water – but rather for a flood of information that may cleanse the United States of the corruption and secrecy that has come to plague Our republic. In The Hero of Harlem, people finally came to repair the dam to the great relief of a tired and weary Hans. Though, in this modern case, the government stands alone with its fingers in the dam, and many people are sitting back and idly watching and hoping that the dam soon fails; some are even actively poking holes. As new leaks continue to spring, the repairmen are not coming, and the government is quickly running short on fingers.

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Insightful read

The government has a helper in the MSM. They supply thousands of helping hands to plug the leaks by diverting attention to other subjects and attempting to assasinate the character of leakers. They aren't even opposed to reporting outright lies surrounding the information uncovered. The dam will break, as the media's continues to lose credibility and more and more individuals turn to the interwebs for news and opinions.

I agree. The information age is bad for tyrants...

That's why Hitler and the Nazis burned books.

Great stuff

Awesome article, and welcome aboard!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*



Best line from article (IMO)

" Where demand exists, the market tends to supply it, and the People are thirsty for the truth."

Glad you enjoyed it!