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Why doesnt Ron Paul post at DailyPaul?

Ron Paul is no longer in office. The grassroots here have been a rock for Ron Paul. He could post something about his new project and link to it. He could post a philosophical question and witness an intense debate. Same goes for the Judge, Ben Swann and Jack Hunter.

The point is, the grassroots hangs out here. This community is awesome. We come to the defense of every patriot. I see no reason why Ron Paul posting here a couple of times would do any kind of harm. It would certainly light the DailyPaul up and draw more people. The platform here could certainly be a great launching pad for any Liberty oriented project.

The DailyPaul gets more traffic than any other Liberty oriented site. Nystrom said it himself, if we want better content, then create it. It would be nice to see Ron Paul give a hat tip to our community.

Just my .02c :)

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I wish!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant