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Drug-free workplace -

I would like to put forth my view on pre-employment drug screening and the drug-free workplace. Whenever a business claims that they are drug-free it really invalidates their claim of being drug-free. When we are subjected to a drug screen, exactly what “drugs” are we being screened for? It is rather silly to say that your workplace is drug-free when over 70% of Americans are taking prescription medications, aka “drugs”. Just because they are prescribed doesn’t mean they are immune from being “drugs” of prescription. So what drugs are we really being screened for? Is someone taking Chantix or Cialis or Enbrel or Humira anymore drug –free than someone who occasionally smokes marijuana? No! Is someone operating a vehicle under the influence of these prescription “drugs” any less a hazard to those driving by them or behind them than someone under the influence of alcohol or marijuana? No! So what drugs are we being screened for?

Is this a question we can ask of potential future employers prior to the drug-screen? Or do you think these questions would bring attention that might warrant or void your application/resume altogether? When the place you work for states that they are a drug-free workplace, what they really mean is that their employees where administered the drug-screen and passed, but as for their being drug-free now we really cannot attest to the validity of such a statement, ESPECIALLY when the drug-screen they passed is narrowed to select “illegal” substances as opposed to those substances far more dangerous and abused by statistical data. Get real! Drug-free workplace? Impossible in an age where drugs are on constant televised rotation and pushed by modern medicine as the path we should all accept as viable.

Peace and Love first.

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Drug-free workplace? Fine with me.

I'll just smoke at home, but don't piss test me and try to control what I'm doing when I'm off the clock.

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"So tell me...

this drug-screen you are administering today, does it test for psychotropic drugs? I just want to be sure that you are aware I'm under the influence now and would be while working in order that I am capable of treating the mental illness my doctor claims I have".

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As much as I love the herb

As much as I love the herb and detest arbitrary drug screening at the end of the day a private business has the right to screen if they wish. It is a racket but I must stand up for private business owner's rights.

The problem is a distortion of the free market far up the chain. If we actually had local community small business you could own your own company or choose to work for one that does not drug test. The problem is when we have only a few massive corporations to work for and if they institute a drug policy it is difficult to get around.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I believe a company should be allowed to drug test,

and the President or CEO of said company should be willing to hold the cup while I fill it.

Oops, sorry about that, Chief.

I agree...

that private business should be allowed to screen, however the statement that they are a "drug-free" business is technically a falsehood and unknowable and ultimately biased as to the "drugs" they are claiming they are free of.

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"Use only the drugs prescribed by your boss or supervisor!"

--Jello Biafra

What would the Founders do?

As I understand it

some places test for tobacco and won't hire or insure you over that.
It's their business. They can do whatever they want, but if it's (especially) industrial boring production labor, well DUH, the smart ones are probably going to get bored enough to want to get high. Rackets like drug testing just set the course for the bigger rackets, like sending our work to some child/slave labor nation because they "just can't find good help". I doubt they 'drug test' at those places.
I'd rather work in a whole factory full of potheads than with even one drunk.

Work-Free Drug Place

is more like it...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Maybe this is another issue for the States...

to decide!

Who is in charge of the selection of those drugs we as employees are tested against in pre-employment drug-screening?

Valid questions, right?

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